Delta cold Asian chicken lunch salad CRJ900 regional partner review by Renes Points

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delta 1st class asian chicken salad review renespoints blog

Yesterday I had some interesting flights on Delta. All went well other than some rather strange seat lettering and an IFE system that let me hear the audio from both my seat and the seat next to me. Yes, it was a very old 737 jet. Oh, and the normally outstanding @DeltaAssist must of all been out to lunch for the day as I was ignored with requests for help. It was a strange day of flying Delta.

But on the CJR900 from Dallas I got to try the Delta cold Asian chicken salad for lunch (yes, catering showed up in Dallas this time). It was the only choice for the entire 1st class cabin so no one ran out of their first choice (a puzzling way of fixing the FEBO issue). These larger Delta regional jets do not have ovens so expect cold meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you are flying on them.

Now having said all this, the meal was quite excellent and I look forward to enjoying it again. As you can see from the photo above, included was:

  • Sriracha hot chili sauce
  • Kikkoman soy sauce
  • Wonton strips for crunch
  • A lime for a squirt of acid
  • A decent amount of chicken
  • Asparagus bites
  • A good desert cookie

The above made again for a very tasty cold lunch salad. The sriracha added a perfect bit of heat and the notes of lime and other bits came through bite after bite. The crunch from the wonton strips was also just what was needed.

If I were to have one tiny gripe it would be using the asparagus stems too far down the stalk. I love asparagus but the tops are pleasant and tasty while the farther down the stalk you go the texture and flavor is just not the same. I pushed most of my bits away to the side.

Service was very good on this flight and the head FA was attentive and gave great service to the 1st class cabin in addition to helping out in the back.

Also noteworthy is that C+, as is the case now on most Delta jets, is the first cabin to get service since the flight was over 900 miles long. They got their snack basket and drinks before the first class cabin was serviced. Not a big deal, just interesting to see.

Have you tried the Asian chicken salad on Delta jets yet? Do you like it or another of the cold lunches better? – Rene


  1. I’m surprised they only had one meal option. What if someone had been a vegetarian?

  2. I have yet to see C+ get snacks on any flight …
    How could you eat Delta food after all that time In the DFW Centurion and Hard eight bbq?

  3. I always wonder if they put a notation or flag on the accounts of people like you, me and others who may be especially “vocal” about Delta things. The same with people who broadcast loopholes and such.

  4. As for removing the chicken, I don’t think that would be kosher for many strict vegans or vegetarians.

  5. Often the chicken is served on the side and easy to ignore. As a vegetarian, it doesn’t bother me to remove the chicken and eat the rest.

  6. @TexasYankee – are you sure you’re on 900+ mile flights? Flights less than 900 miles won’t get snack service. Delta doesn’t make that very obvious in their advertising.

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