Delta FOs get treated even better from other SkyTeam airlines than Delta! by Noah Mark

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One of the benefits I enjoy as a PM are Skyteam Elite Plus benefits you receive around the world. Delta GM+ are considered Skyteam Elite.


Now this is club food – ON A PLATE!

Benefits a Skyteam Elite can receive range from priority and dedicated check-in, security lines, customer service lines, priority baggage handling, lounge access, and perhaps, if a flight was full you could receive an upgrade.


Check it out – I match the sign! 🙂

I can understand why René is going for Delta million miler status because FO, or Silver Medallion, members may not always receive full Skyteam Elite benefits, in some cases around the world, you receive several of the same perks and benefits. The treatment of Skyteam Elite is seemingly inconsistent, but ironically I saw more Sky Priority benefits extended to Delta Silver Medallions than Delta gives their own members!


It’s 5:30 somewhere, right?

If you are flying out of London from LHR, Delta FOs (Skyteam Elites) CAN use the Sky Priority check-in area for Airfrance & KLM Flights. I took AF from London to Paris for the summer.


Leaving CDG there were special dedicated Sky Priority check-in sections arranged by destination, and there as well, Delta Silver Medallions were welcome to check in. In fact, when I was boarding for my Air France flight to Amsterdam I noticed that Sky Team Elites are even welcome in the Sky Priority boarding lane! But FOs don’t try to board during Sky at home if you’re not in Delta Comfort +, you may be turned around.


I saw more Sky Team Elite love in Amsterdam with signs directing Elite and Elite Plus members to dedicated check-in and security lanes.


Ending my Europe adventure with a fantastic stay in Spain at the Westin Palace Madrid. Back on Delta metal for an Elite Plus only priority line. On my way to security I couldn’t help notice that AirEuropa also did not welcome Skyteam Elite to their Sky Priority lanes, however Aeroflot did.


A summer ago I visited Tokyo for a few days as part of a three city Asian tour. At NRT as a Skyteam Elite Plus I was able to use their dedicated SkyPriority security entrance. Sorry FO, you’re not allowed in this one!


Despite owning 49% of Virgin Atlantic, as a Delta GM you’re out in the cold in Miami flying to London. You must go to the general lanes, only Flying Club Gold, Delta Platinum & Diamond Medallions and “Delta BusinessElite” flyers are eligible to check-in in the “Upper Class” line. And yes I’m not sure what a Delta Business Elite flyer means either, considering the product has been Rebranded Delta One, and, you would be flying in Upper Class on VS not BE or even D1.


In Atlanta, I couldn’t help notice that the customer service desk inside the terminal also welcomed Silver Medallions. Wow, some Delta love for FOs!


Finally after Finishing the New York City Marathon and feeding into FCM and shamefully paying for an upgrade with miles. At JFK’s T2 Sky Priority check in I didn’t see our FOs get a listing on the Sky Priority floor stand.


However once lined up I noticed that there was in fact one line for Silver Medallions and “Silver Elite” whatever that means. But since there was never anyone at that desk, you might be waiting a while!


Bottom line, Delta Silver Medallions have inconsistent benefits, some days you may be welcomed in Sky Priority lanes, other days not so much. All the more reason why it’s better to go for GM+ even if some of the benefits aren’t what they used to be. – Noah Mark


VACATION NOTICE: I am on vacation and will have limited or no access to the blog. As a result your comments and email questions may not be updated until I return. – René


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  1. I’ve found mixed experiences within Europe as not everyone working for a Sky Team airline is familar with the multitude of Delta membership levels, let alone the difference between Sky Team elite and Sky Team elite-plus. This is especially true in distant outposts, where airline staff are often third-party contracted. It’s always worth asking for an upgrade or a lounge invitation–if there’s no Sky Team member airline lounge.

  2. I’m a Delta PM flyer. When I flew Indonesia Garuda from Tokyo to Jakarta last November, I received lounge access because of my Delta status, but when I checked in for my Delta flight back to the US at the same Tokyo airport , I did not (since I was not in 1st class according to the Delta agent). Not feeling the love, Delta. Even your partners are making you look bad.

  3. I also noticed this… MSP SkyPri lanes almost always show Silver Medallion and SkyTeam Elite at the bottom! I see Silver/Elite on my boarding pass all the time so I think it means Silver(Medallion)/(SkyTeam)Elite.

  4. I can certainly attest to the other DL FO’s experiences. Everytime I fly AF I am treated much better than DL. I do not use DL overseas .

  5. DL GM and higher are Skyteam Elite Plus not Skyteam Elite as stated in the first paragraph. Big difference. That is why I sprinted to get to DL 2mm and “lifetime” GM and “lifetime” Skyteam Elite Plus. I have way more confidence in Syteam benefits going forward than DL benefits.

  6. Somehow I missed the acronym definition of “FO”… It would be helpful if authors would define these things at the onset of an article.

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