Do you enjoy the Delta play boarding & landing music? Any favorites? I have a few.

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gary b step into the sunshine

This may be my favorite CD!

It is kinda strange for me. I can relate to the Delta ad they had a while back about traveling all over the world and then feeling calm and at home once I board a Delta jet. It does feel almost like home.

But part of that is the Delta boarding music. On an international flight not too long ago they played what has become one of my all time favorites, that is, the artist Gary B and his song “slow it down” you see above. Not just the song, but the entire album Step Into the Sunshine as well. There are few times I love every single song on a CD but this is one of those times.

Then there are ones Delta has played over and over again on domestic routes. Band of Horses song Dilly was played a TON and I have to say I really like the song, but gosh the video is disturbing (hate that). I have not fallen in love with the rest of their work but that is OK I still play Dilly in my head now and then.

I do, most of the time, really enjoy the Delta boarding music, But I have found FAs play them only hit & miss. Not just that, I am sure the equipment plays a big roll if they can even play it or not.

Beyond that, if there is IFE on the jet, what I really appreciate is if they start it immediately! I mean as soon as I am on board. Sure it breaks for the safety briefing but other than that I can start watching something almost from gate to gate. I just LOVE this. Don’t you?

But that is getting off topic. We are talking boarding and taxi / deplaning music. Do you like it or does it bother you? Do you enjoy the choices? – René


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  1. Even if I like the music it is often much too loud. More often than not I have to ask them to turn it down. More often than not other passengers will thank me – one told me he thought it would show his age if he asked himself!

  2. Maybe it’s because I work shows these groups, but the instrumental mixes of One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” and Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” are fun and light. Although the mix of pop/ultralounge music and mood lighting (and cutesy safety demo videos) seems like Delta’s desperate attempt to steal people away from Virgin America. (Good luck with that, Delta)

  3. Loved a few flights to Honolulu when they played Hula as we came on board ! Put us definitely in the mood…..

  4. In July 2013 they issued a press release that IFE would be turned on from gate to gate. Clearly this is a policy that was very poorly communicated and even more inconsistently followed by flight crews. Please take a look from back in that time frame for the press release. Maybe you can speak to your contacts at Delta to re-distribute among its flight crews. IMO, this is a major customer experience boost, especially considering the lengthy boarding process and often long taxi/tarmac delays.

  5. I don’t think I’ve heard it since early 2013, but for many consecutive weeks the Delta boarding music I heard was “OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself.” I thought that was a surprising choice, given that the frontman had said “It’s actually about my buried, latent fear of flying and going down in an airplane”.

  6. A few months ago I kept falling asleep and waking up to “At the River” by Groove Armada; was on short domestic flts like cr7/9s I think… I didn’t know the song and had a hard time recognizing it when I listened at home vs the little speakers on board

  7. They would appreciate new customers and of course they try to get them….but Delta for the longest time has a segment of fiercely loyal customers who are MORE than willing to pay 4 to 20% more on some segments. I know quite a few of them. You guys ever wonder why they are a real close second to AA while having half the staffing and fewer flights but they fly the most PAX….

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