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ACT FAST! Lighting giveaway. 5×2 Delta HOOU coupons from my ex-SkyBonus awards!

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skybonus hoous
Yeah, I got some bonus HOOUs!

Well I am back home safe and sound. It is nowhere near as nice here in South Bend, Indiana as it was in Barbados and I am feeling cold and depressed that the white outside my window is not sand!

delta air lines billboard head set

So to make myself feel better I am giving away to FIVE (5) winners each two (2) HOOU or “Have One On Us” Delta drink / amenity coupons as well as a set of Delta headphones via later on today. EDIT: Friday 9PM ET.

Enter as often as you wish, but each comment must be different i.e. no cut-n-paste. Share with us anything you like about Delta. That is, what do you think will happen to SkyMiles this year or the Medallion program. Or do you think the FAs will go union this year or pilots will end up on strike (or not). Just anything on your mind about Delta for a shot at winning!

Have fun – GO! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I like sitting up front — for the price of a coach fare or less.

  2. I am sure this entry will generate some heat, but sometimes it’s worth it to pay for FCM. Got ATL-PHX for $29 last week.

  3. Joey Redmond Reply

    I love the LAX YVR deal I bought for tax that looks like DL is going to honor. A++ on that

  4. Moving to Chicago for an internship for the summer. Diamond Medallion currently, but won’t requalify. Stick with DL or switch? If switch, AA or UA?

  5. As a measly Diamond who is also a college student and doesn’t spend tens of thousands on flights I’m scared about the economy comfort upgrades !

  6. I love deltas fist class from JFK-LAX. Layflat seats and great FA’s equal a very relaxing flight.

  7. Looking forward to flying to Cancun in May in FIRST because of Alaska miles.

  8. Was born in South Bend, a long time ago (eep!). Yay Hoosiers & ND!

    Despise Delta’s Skymiles attitude. Have to admit, they fly where I need to go (from our regional airport). Need some liquid salve whilst flying those tight seats!

  9. DL’s dynamic pricing is driving me nuts. Their pricing engine used to be almost the same price no matter when you flew. Then, it got smarter so that 3 day weekends with early Friday morning departures or Friday afternoon departures were more expensive. Now, fares change from minute to minute. Oy.

  10. I never flew Delta until I decided to try out the credit card and I’m enjoying it so far.

  11. Adios Delta – I’m heading to Alaska. Can’t seem to find any good value anymore 🙁

  12. I really like Terminal 4 at JFK. One of my favorite terminals in the US. I also like the Comfort+ seats.

  13. Lost Medallion status, but matched to Alaska. Looking forward to perks on AA now too

  14. I’m not looking forward to the Skymiles “enhancements” this year at all!

  15. I love how Delta “let’s me” gate check my expensive acoustic guitar when I’m flying to gigs. They only have done damage a few times!! Ugh, I need a drink…

  16. Spending the next couple weekends on MRs to make DM for next year before they change the rules again. I’m sure there will be more cuts to benefits, but I finally see the upgrade to the CRJ900 on one DTW flight per day from MLI starting March 2. Maybe we will finally see less CRJ 200s. Still prefer PIA even without the 900s.

  17. After all these “enhancements” I’m really starting to consider taking my business elsewhere.

  18. The final straw for me was the recent changes to Comfort+, i.e. I can no longer get a confirmed seat in Comfort+ when traveling with my wife.

  19. Flying Delta and their partners in Asia and Europe was a great experience. Excellent service and the flights were great.

  20. All these recent changes are making me question whether it’s worth having status at all…

  21. starting my job as a consultant this year so I think it is the first year I can get status with delta. wish me luck!

  22. I like Delta’s enhanced offerings in the Sky Clubs. Veggie chili FTW!

  23. I like the complimentary seat belt extenders…although I don’t need one! #sarcasm

  24. Seems like DL justifies lack of transparency as it pertains to loyalty programs and treating worse every year, lower medallion folks by having great product overall specifically for Domestic travel and on-time.
    I need to decide if its worth it to me, while stuck in a DL Hub.

  25. Huge fan of @DeltaAssist — dealing with them as a Delta Kettle is easier than dealing with AA’s EXP phone line most of the time!

  26. I like that they are on-time more than other carriers tend to be at my home airport.

  27. Chris Bastian Reply

    Snack bags issued to Comfort + passengers on transcons (as well as free drinks) has become a decent meal service.

  28. I’ve never flown Delta before. I do have a one way flight scheduled from Rio to Atlanta in August. That will be my first experience with them

  29. Thanks for all you are doing Rene. In the last year I’ve enjoyed biz class and a number of clubs all because of your advise.

  30. I think the C+ changes will be the telling issue as to whether any passenger backlash will actually affect Delta.

  31. Norris Krueger, PhD Reply

    I’m loving these comments – as always! Delta Assist is da bomb, of course, and I will NEVER understand the pricing engine… a $2 change in a fare? Really? 🙂 Thanks, Rene!

  32. I like the 2 round trip tickets from LAX-YVR that I recently purchased

  33. TexasYankee Reply

    I will shovel your drive for help getting an AA status match!

  34. Mike from DC Reply

    As a PM, I get treated well especially during IRROPS. The in flight product is also the best in the industry. I use my iPad while I’m flying to stream, the C+ seats are fine for me.

  35. I have to give credit where credit is due-delta assist is great. On another note, I really hope the C+ changes cause Delta to rethink their policies, but you can’t buy common sense.

  36. I appreciate the Delta has the best flight operations in business.

  37. I made silver status by flying Virgin Atlantic back and forth to STL from LHR 3 times last year booking though Delta… I’ve been spoiled.

  38. Hoping that the website improves and they add more phone reps to handle the volume such as today, when it’s very hard to book tickets and the phones are worse than ever. 🙂

  39. I am thinking how great it is that United is going to give a snack and drink to GS and 1K. I am hoping that maybe Delta decides to copy United for once.

  40. I like delta for sticking with DAL and giving southwest some competition.

  41. I LOVE that I will need HOOUs again after May 16th since I won’t be in C+ anymore!

  42. Norris Krueger Reply

    one more thing!

    Staff (especially FAs) always go the extra mile it seems, And if you tell @DeltaAssist it gets to their file almost immediately.(Tweeted props about an FA to DeltaAssist and later that day, I got a tweet from some Delta manager thanking me,

  43. I expect Delta to get even more stingy with their Skymiles redemption

  44. There can be a lot of negativity sometimes and fear of changes, but to be honest every time I have a trip on Delta coming up I am still always excited. It’s like an adventure as I wonder if I will get upgraded or not! Oh no another seat in first taken! Will I at least get C+? At least there’s that sky club on layover!

    Then all over again with the return trip… 🙂

  45. GetToThePoints Reply

    Delta takes care of their employees who in turn take good care of their customers

  46. I like when I get free upgrdes, or at least FCM upgrades for less than $0.08 extra MQM.

  47. Delta needs more flights out of PHX, as T3 there is expanding.

  48. Love how delta has free satellite tv on 737-800s! Better than united

  49. Delta is certainly stepping up their efforts in the past years!

  50. I am utterly disappointed in Delta. Through great effort( not great unnecessary expense) I am finally diamond medallion. MEH!!! I no longer recommend Delta. The upgrades are complimentary but unavailable.Poor service, number of flights declining, looking to change ANYBODY BUT DELTA…

  51. #keepdescending Delta…..remind me why I don’t drive to another airport instead of taking your planes week after week

  52. I wish you understood how all of your greediness is hurting your image.

  53. One more flight a day our of ABR would make all the difference in the world…..any chance?

  54. this will probably be my last year as an elite. benefits being eroded away.

  55. Delta’s economy seats have been way too small for my 6ft. 5 husband. Looking forward to changes!

  56. I have had good luck in the middle of the night using my skymiles. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to it, but offers open up at 2 am here! Works for me.

  57. Delta: could you please bring back the award schedule, 25,000 point round trip and appreciation of your frequent fliers? That would be great! Thanks for listening!

  58. Delta has never lost my luggage in 7 years of flying them as plat & diamond

  59. I’m using up my SkyMiles while I can and have shifted my paid flying to other carriers thanks to the gutting of SkyMiles….

  60. ATL hub captive. Have to enjoy all the available flights not the higher prices. I do hidden city fares from time to time as I don’t feel they have to penalize us with higher prices because we fly to the hub.

  61. Delta, why can’t you make it possible to upgrade to business class on an international flight while purchasing a “deeply discounted ticket”. I wouldn’t mind dishing out extra for the opportunity.

  62. I like using the companion fares with the Amex co-branded card

  63. I do not think the Delta flight attendants will go union this year.

  64. Delta biz class from PVG to LAX gives you pajamas for the trip.

  65. Stuck with delta. No United service and limited AA service here!

  66. TSA confiscated my bottle of water. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing the country is that much safer.

  67. I’m nervous about the change to making Delta C+ it’s own class come later this year, but part of me hopefully thinks that it won’t make any difference.

  68. @Candy0955 : FCM stands for First Class Monetization, aka the act of buying a first class upgrade for cheap if you are given the option to do so at check in. Takes away possible upgrade seats from Elites.

  69. I’m nervous flying without status this year – 1st transatlantic without it!

  70. I am wondering if Delta will reduced costs as fuel prices drop – or if other fees will increase to compensate

  71. I have had pretty good luck using my sky miles for domestic flights over the past couple of years.

  72. Great customer service & companion passes on AMEX Reserve (oh….and I fly out of Detroit – is there any choice?)

  73. I used to like getting First Class upgrades being at Silver Status (in 2014) but as flights become fuller I have seen these upgrades completely disappear. Still shooting for Gold (came real close last year on miles, not so much on the $pend requirement), maybe this is my year….

  74. Free stuff is always good. Occasionally, I’ll get a free drink on a Delta flight even sitting in steerage, just because I went to pay for it with my Delta Amex card. Sweet!

  75. Delta One to Europe. Always have great service and a comfortable seat. The same cannot be said for Lufthansa Biz. One of the worst TATL flights ever.

  76. had a terrible seat. asked if there was anything better when at the gate. fyi, i have no status. i’m just an average joe. anyhow, they gave me a delta comfort seat…no charge! sweet. enjoyed the plentiful and various snacks. awesome experience.

  77. I’m hoping delta reverses some of their “keep descending” decisions especially not being able to pick a C+ seat with my million mile platinum husband because I only fly once or twice a year and thus have 0 status and it is based on the lowest level traveler. do you think if he gifts me silver status as his choice option that maybe we’ll get to pick that?

  78. Well, I tried to comment but it said that I had already posted the comment and couldn’t post a 2nd time. Maybe all of the snow in my neck of the woods has affected my iPad! But, I can hope that delta works better than my iPad the next time I fly . . .

  79. Flew AA into LYH on Wed bc DL doesn’t and hated it! 3 of 4 flights cancelled. Love DL operations, SkyPesos not so much.

  80. Ohh delta, is it worth becoming mqd exempt this year… Or are my dollars better spent on earning valuable things. Like UR points… I’m at a loss for my 2016 goals currently.

  81. Thank you, Delta, for making it so easy to deal with a schedule change.

  82. Delta makes me sick with the changes. I would quit them if i could but my employer makes me fly Delta.

  83. This year I am looking forward to trying some Delta Sky Clubs I have never been to.

  84. I am also looking forward to attaching some delta mileage runs to trips I have to take. ITA matrix and are becoming my best friend for good deals on Delta routes!

  85. Hey as a first time Delta GM just saw I was upgraded on 2 of my legs this Tuesday. Even before the 3 day mark! Guess I chose the right route!

  86. Sad about what’s happening to Delta…but 2nd year of Silver and I’ve gotten bumped up a fair amount. Curious to see what new C+ changes mean…I fear that will be the end of my allegiance.

  87. Phil in ATL Reply

    I love what an excellent community partner Delta is for Atlanta! They give to numerous causes and are active I countless ways!

  88. Well, since we have another day to comment…

    I haven’t flown Delta at all this year. I do have some status thanks to a last minute mileage run last year, but it might be all for naught. I just don’t feel good about them any more. Loyalty is a 2-way street.

  89. (Well, of course having a few HOOU could help ease the pain!) I know it was mentioned, but never anything official about them being accepted in SkyClubs?

  90. Due to where I live I have two choices: fly Delta to ATL and just have one stop, or choose American to CLT. If I choose American I will most likely have at least one more stop. That is why I choose Delta….despite everything.

  91. I flew in from MIA to LAX yesterday on the direct morning flight and was disappointed to see that it was an older 737 rather than the so much nicer and new 737-900s. I need one (or two) on delta.

  92. Got 7 tickets to Hawaii next month while sky miles are still worth something.

  93. You can still get some serious skymiles using FTD Florists. 20 miles per dollar spent. If you need to buy something shopping through Delta skymiles mall is a good choice.

  94. I like that even with the ridiculous Snowzilla disruptions they were dealing with today, a calm Delta rep on the phone today focused on a problem a different rep created for me accidentally yesterday and got me back in C+ seats at least for three of my four flights this weekend.

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