Don’t let a mega snowstorm stop another round of Delta schedule change Saturday from hitting us ☹

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my only alert to any kind of delta schedule change in my trips list on delta-com

When I went to check on my flights for my trip to meet up with a bunch of readers and fellow bloggers in NYC I saw a tiny little red time stamp. Ruh roh! I know what that means!

much more info about changes but did NOT click accept or change flight on delta-com

Yep, HUGE change to my flights that is almost a full hour later than booked. Yuck and no thank you. You see I want to have plenty of time to be on time and allow for traffic and such (and maybe a little time at the LGA Centurion as well – ya know, I just gotta)!  😉

I saw this very early this morning and called the Medallion line and they answered on the first ring. That was nice. And the rep when ahead and manually reissued the ticket due to the fact that it could be a LONG time with all the other ones in queue for reissue due to the storm.

If you have been hit with with some schedule changes this weekend don’t stress out (unless your flights are tomorrow, naturally). You have time to fix them. Please don’t go “clickin’ on stuff” on Delta.dumb but call. Not today when they are swamped but maybe later tonight or early tomorrow when things calm down a bit. – René



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  1. I’m glad you highlighted this!

    They changed mine too, i now have a layover in ATL of -58 minutes… meaning my connecting flight leaves an hour before i land!

    I’d love to know how the system allowed this to happen.

  2. If my flight time stayed the same but the carrier and flight number changed from one Delta Connection carrier to another (SkyWest to Endeavor), am I eligible to change my ticket?

  3. @Alex – 100% YES. If you are not flying on the same airline (aka a new regional partner) you can demand a free change or money or miles back!

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