New Diamond 2017 Choice Benefit option & digital HOOU coupons & updated Fly Delta APP.

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choice benefits loaded 2017

Delta has fully loaded the 2017 (I have already qualified) Choice Benefits (CB) and nothing has been removed (good) and one new option has been offered for Diamonds that is 2 GU plus RU certs. While it is good to have more choices, to me, the 4 global upgrades are still the best choice and highest value.

my platinum choice benefits delta diamond renespoints blog

I have already redeemed my 2017 Platinum CB (yes, Diamonds get BOTH each year a Platinum and Diamond choice and you don’t have to make them at the same time, that is, the PM & DM choices) and I once again selected regional upgrade certs and am using one today to have a shot at an upgrade. This year, even as a Diamond, upgrades are going to be really hard due to FCM or selling of 1st class upgrades at dirt cheap prices by Delta.

print vouchers off delta-com for hoou

Delta has also now also loaded to under your “My Delta” and “My Wallet” the promised digital HOOU coupons. Yes, you can print these vouchers so you can still share them should you wish.

fly delta app updates for hoou coupons renes points

They have also updated the Fly Delta APP so that under My Wallet in the app you also have access to the Digital version of the HOOU, but you only want to select this when you are ready to spend them. I may print them out on paper “just cuz” but I see the appeal of having them in my phone when I need them. I think I will be stuck in coach much more this year (think exit row) and will need them!- René

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  1. Hi Rene, I am real glad you got your HOOU vouchers. I checked my account and they still are not in there yet. I’ll wait a couple more days and then I will contact the mothership.
    I am finding it increasingly difficult to use my GU certs anytime anywhere. I agree that that have the most value, (more than the new choice) but only when they can be used. I waste more time for myself and the nice Diamond reps searching for for flights that can be confirmed with these certs.(like a needle in a haystack) I wrote to the mothership about all the time I make their reps waste and all they could say was “i’m Sorry”. I buy first class most of the time domestically so I do not really care about the RU’s, but the GU’s have the potential to really help out on the international trips, so i keep choosing them. Anyway, have a good day and thanks for letting us know about your vouchers.

  2. Very interesting. I’m beginning to think the GUC’s are a bit of a sham. I got my GUC’s last week for the first time (previously I got Systemwide Upgrade Certificates and used them without a problem). I have been trying to book a trip to BKK using GUC’s and no matter what dates I ask for, no upgrade seats are available. I have tried 3 separate months (and every single day of those months) and NOTHING. I have used Systemwide Upgrade Certificates successfully on this route in the past — with no problem other than wiggling the travel dates by a day or two. When I asked the umpteenth Diamond Agent what was going on, she said, “Well you know there are a hundred thousand Diamonds, and they all get GUC’s and there are not enough seats in the system to accommodate everyone.” I said, “You mean Delta sends out these certificates to their very best customers knowing there are not enough seats in the system to cover all the certificates they send out?” and she said “Yes.” If this is true, it’s pretty sinister.

  3. @rene: Interesting!!! When I go to “My Wallet” I get this: You do not have any Available vouchers at this time.

  4. My HOOU vouchers showed up this morning (GM) right after I updated the app on my Android phone.

  5. I owe you big time. Like you, I have already made 2017 Diamond and am 75K into 2018, but I did not realize about the Global and Regional upgrades expiring and I saw your post a few days ago and ended up on 1/31 getting two global upgrade certs for me and the regionals also that were going to expire and ditto for my wife (four global and all the regionals) as she has also always been a Diamond. If I had not read your post we would have lost those on 2/1, Thank you. Grover

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