San Francisco to Venice KLM $742 & 13481MQMs at 5.5CPM Mid-Summer SkyTeam Elite Mileage Run

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Thursday, February 4, 2016 by John @laptoptravel

SFO-VCE 742 RouteMap

San Francisco to Venice SFO-VCE Delta Air Lines Mega Mileage Run KAYAK

San Francisco to Venice SFO-VCE Delta Air Lines Mega Mileage Run Orbitz

No, this is not a true Mileage Run; the costs per mile (CPM) of 5.5 cents makes it a bit too high to be considered that this early in the year.  What is great about this fare, and why I am posting it is to let you in on a great fare price to Venice this summer!  Europe is always an expensive ticket, particularly from the West Coast.  But here is a $742 fare in the middle of July; a great time to visit Venice in the summer sunshine!

I absolutely love Venice and the opportunity to get Delta Medallion Qualification Miles 1:1 on this route makes a vacation trip there all the more enticing. It is a wonderful walking city and although prices may be bit high for food and lodging it will be a memorable trip. Make sure you head east of the city one afternoon, perhaps Murano on another island in the lagoon and dine where you can observe the sun setting over the skyline of Venice…guaranteed to be one of top travel memories!

Delta will not book this out for less than $1,900. I have tried a lot of tricks.  But you can use my link (provided below) and book it through KLM for the shown fare above and then credit your Delta SkyMiles number to the ticket and you’ll be earning Delta MQM’s for the flight.  If you are unsure of how you will be treated on another carrier, you should read this recent post by Noah and how he felt he got better perks in international airports with his SkyTeam Elite status!

Plus, let’s confirm those MQM earnings for you here:

Earning Delta Mileage with KLM Chart

Now, I found dates all over the month of July for varying stay lengths.

You will not get full redeemable miles, but you will get a percentage of the miles flown (not tied to your fare price) and in many cases you will come out better than if you were earning according  to the price you paid.  Anyway, it’s Venice folks! In the summer time!

Also, you cannot use any Global Upgrade Certificates on this route as KLM metal need to be YBM+ fare class.

Since this is not a Mileage Run, per se, I will not go into all the details about the quickest turnaround.  Take this flight and reward yourself (and perhaps another travel companion)

Anyway here are the numbers:

The Details:

EQM’s:     13,481 (MQM’s) $742 and 13481MQMs at 5.5CPM

RDM’s:     3,371 at the lowest range for a qualified fare

Ticket Price:  $742

Cost:   5.5 Cents Per Mile (CPM) – a great summer fare

This link books through Orbitz  – DIRECT BOOKING LINK

I like this trip since it is after Delta’s change on Comfort+ booking policies.  So, you are circumventing those rules by traveling internationally on their partner, KLM and you can still get preferred seats together with your travel companion.

Although I research to find great Mileage Run deals, this European gem of a deal I could not help but share with you. I do hope you will take advantage if this…if anyone has experience on KLM to Venice, feel free to comment below; we would love to hear your voice and insights. Still, I firmly believe we will see a lot more fare attacks south of the border and to Asia in the coming months.

Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully throughout 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs  Best Wishes and Happy Travels. Enjoy your travels!  – John @laptoptravel




  1. Tried to book with your link, then tried ITA for the whole month, and got nothing by $1700+ for any airlines.

  2. I know this one doesn’t count as a “Mileage Run,” but I am happy to see SkyTeam partner flights! Any of the Level 1 partners can end up earning more RDMs for the same price as flying on Delta metal, but no one seems to be talking about it much. That’s why I’m flying Aeromexico and China Eastern this year! Full MQMs and better-than-Delta RDMs!

  3. @Robert – I did try to make contact with you and get you a customized direct link. However, it appears this was a short-lived sale. But what a deal!

    @Christian – That’s great to hear and we’ll certainly do more SkyTeam Partner Mileage Run posts this year as they come up. I’ve been following Aeromexico (AM) fares for about three months and we just added China Eastern (MU) to our filter screens this week.

    Hopefully, we’ll find some great deals we all can enjoy!

    Thanks for following us and the Twitter posts as well.

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