Reminders about how to claim your 15,000 bonus Delta / AMEX Reserve card MQMs – mine have posted!

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15000 bonus delta mqms renes points blog

I am now 15,000 MQMs closer to my goal of hitting 1 million lifetime elite miles with Delta and locking in my lifetime annual silver medallion status. I will not have to fly Delta even once or spend a penny on a Delta AMEX card to keep this as the status is simply “gifted” to me year after year by Delta (until they decide to change it, that is).

I accomplished this by spending $30,000 on my Delta AMEX Reserve card <-LINK or in my case my business Delta AMEX Reserve card. But did I instantly get the points? Let me knock out some super common questions from readers I tend to get all the time.

First off, I have detailed how to claim them in a post HERE (see post E18). But it seems this does not make it simple enough so here are the super simple steps to do it and things to know.

1) Your MQMs are ready to be claimed only once the 15,000 SkyMiles are posted to your account. That is the KEY point for you to know they are ready and waiting (even before you get any kind of email they are there).

2) Once you claim them they are instantly there (or instantly sent to another account if you want).

3) If you do not see them, simply log out of, log back in, and they will be there. 🙂

Folks, it really is that simple but I have answered probably 50 emails about these 3 steps. But there are many more. Let’s knock them out as well.

Q) I met the spend in the middle of the month, can I claim my MQMs sooner.
A) See point 1 above. No.

Q) I missed the spend by one day can Delta or AMEX “push” the MQMs sooner
A) See point 1 above. No.

Q) I don’t see the MQMs in my account what did I do wrong?
A) See point 3 above.

Q) Why do I have to claim them, in the past they just auto posted?
A) You don’t have to claim them, they will auto post if you wait. Some want them sooner than later.

Q) Does the annual fee count toward my $30,000 in spend?
A) No. In fact, I suggest you over spend by about $500 each year just to be 100% safe!

Q) Do AMEX MQMs really count toward your million miler balance?
A) All MQMs are the same no matter what the source they come from.

Q) I am doing a Delta status challenge. Do AMEX MQMs count?
A) Officially no. However, most readers report yes. Again, all MQMs are the same.

Q) The MQMs have posted to my account and I am over (insert whatever status) but still show the lower status and I should be higher now. Why?
A) It takes 1-3 days to update. Also you will NOT get the perks of the higher status until it updates on No, reps cannot manually do anything about this. You may be able to get a fee manually waived if you can show you are waiting for the status to upgrade.

Q) Is there a limit to how many MQMs you can get a year from AMEX?
A) No. If you have a wife and brother and mother all who want to gift you MQMs from their spend you could make Diamond without flying (and spend on your own cards as well).

There are the most common questions I tend to get when it comes to the yearly bonus MQMs offered from the Delta AMEX Reserve cards. Have I not covered any that you want to know about? Please ask in the comments section blow – René


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. OK, maybe i am thick but you say “I will not have to fly Delta even once or spend a penny on a Delta AMEX card to keep this as the status is simply “gifted” to me year after year by Delta (until they decide to change it, that is)” BUT you did spend $30K on your Delta AMEX to do this right? Am i missing something here?

  2. I received an email regarding the MQM bonus on my Biz Delta Reserve on Jan 16th but haven’t received anything regarding my personal card yet. Both cards have the same closing date. Should I be concerned, or is this normal?

  3. Thanks Rene. Me neither. Got a ways to go. But you did spend $30K to get 15 MQM bonus correct?

  4. Rene,
    Something else I realized this year; You will not see a notification from Delta about your bonus MQM’s until after your Amex statement closing date has passed. So if you meet the bonus spending level day one in a billy cycle, you may have to wait almost an entire month to get notified of the bonus.

  5. Rene,

    It turns out I missed the $60,000 threshold by $269 due to a cash advance in early 2015. Amex puts these in an “Other” bucket, so it’s impossible to calculate qualifying year end spend unless you remember things like this. (I made my calculation by looking at “Fees & Adjustments.”) The extra 15,000 MQM would have kept me at Platinum for 2016. I’ve spent hours on the phone with both Amex and Delta. Each one says they can’t do anything to fix this but assured me that the other one (Delta or Amex) can fix this if I only reach the right person. Is there anything you recommend I do?


  6. Unfortunately I am in the same boat as Geoff. Missed the 75k threshold for 10k MQM bonus by $156 as I didn’t realize that annual fee was deducted – and as Geoff mentioned, no way to really account for this when tracking spend on the AMEX site. AMEX is saying there is nothing they can do, which I find hard to believe. Any suggestions? All help is appreciated!

  7. @Joe – I wish but no. After 60k spend there is little point in spending 1 penny more until after the 1st of the year again.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on million miler. I’m close enough that the points would have pushed me over. Presume that could have resulted in me missing my gift bag opportunity on the flight that I hit it!

  9. Sorry to post this after a year but it’s relevant. If I am $500 short of the amount to get the bonus MQM when statement closes on Dec 21 but I spend say $600 and qualify by December 31st, do I still get the bonus MQM even though that spending won’t appear until January 21st? In other words does that $600 count towards this year or next year?

  10. I think I know the answer to that question, having just double checked the wording on my statement and the figures on my January 2018 statement. I am pretty sure those $600 would in fact count towards this year.

  11. Just found your website! Happened to me with two cards: It is now New Years Eve and I am $380 short on one card and $26.42 short on one (because a church donation hasn’t posted yet!!!!!). Super frustrated I didn’t know about the fees not being included as an eligible purchase. I have been using AmEx online site to track my spending over the past four weeks to make sure I spent enough. This is a swing of 25000 MQMs! Argh!

  12. So if I spend $60k on the Am Ex Reserve early this year it doesn’t look like I can earn more MQM on that card in 2019. Can I apply for another Am Ex card to continue earning MQM for the rest of the year? Do you have another recommendation?

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