90,000 point Chase Marriott card (after AU & spend) & Ink Plus 60,000 card tempting offers!

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80k marriott chase card

I have made it very clear I am not a Marriott fan. I am not pleased that my favorite SPG hotels are being slurped up soon by Marriott CORP. At the same time that move has caused me to check out Hyatt for the first time ever and I am enjoying that experience. But folks, when Chase is willing to offer me, after spending $3000 and adding an AU or authorized user and they make a purchase, over 90,000 points I would be foolish to say no<-LINK.

places to stay in slc cheap on marriott points

After all, I need to start thinking about next year’s Utah Ski trip and with this many points, for just the $85 fee for the card, I will be able to pay for a week of lodging for only a few dollars a day. That kind of travel match just works for me. I will be applying for this card later today!

EDIT: I was approved today but only after applying and then calling the Chase reconsideration line & moving some credit lines around: (888) 245-0625

chase ink plus 60k offer

The other card I would go for, if I did not already hold it already, is the current 60,000 point Chase INK Plus card<-LINK.  I think everyone on the planet agrees Ultimate Rewards points, with their many outstanding transfer partners or the ability to book with 1.25 cents each in value, makes the current bonus offer after spending $5000 a great value.

Both of these cards are also smart to consider NOW because it seems soon Chase is putting an end to those of us who go for many cards a year (a.k.a. churners). For cards like the Chase Sapphire there already is in place the “5/24 rule”. That is, if you have got more than 5 cards, FROM ANY BANK, in the past 24 months then Chase is simply going to tell you no to that card as well as others issued directly from Chase. Word on the street is in March the same happens to business cards like INK and next up after that will be co-branded cards like the Marriott card (and others).

I hold a bunch of Chase cards. I LOVE my IHG card and have held it for years. If you have been looking at ANY Chase business or co-branded cards, NOW would be a good time to consider going for them if you are the type of person who is not willing to wait 2 years between credit card applications! – René

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  1. René,

    I have been Plat on Marriott for the last three years. This past year I actually missed it by about 10 nights and the gave it to me anyway, trying to make sure they get all my nights this year.

    There cost for rooms on points is very reasonable and this year they added something new… When redeeming points for nights, the nights stayed on points now count towards your status. If I remember correctly, the Premiere card starts you at silver status.

    Also as a perk, as a Plat person with Marriott you get Silver status on UA. I flew with my son to Houston in December from FT Lauderdale and we both got upgraded on the way home.

    I also like SPG and got the Gold status there from my Plat Amex, but could never find a room at the rates I was getting from Marriott and staying within the corp requirements for room costs per night.


  2. @Gregg – Heck between the 100k+ from IHG post cards this year and now almost 100K from this card I am really a free agent on points for a while! 🙂

  3. Isn’t Ink Plus a business card? How can those of us who are not small business owners qualify for this card?

  4. Dumb questions but I’ll ask anyway, already have this card personally but would like to get business version. Does Chase actually give you the free night and bonus points again for the business card? I assume no based on reading of fine print but thought I double check with the Master Card 😉 Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks @Rene – I already have a Chase Ink Business (opened within last 12 months) and was denied… when I called the reconsideration line, they said that I had opened more than 5 Chase cards in the last 12 months, including 1 for my business so they wanted to give it more time before they will allow me to open another – they also said that I could not move around any existing credit lines for the business to open the card… thoughts on hang up, call back? I believe I had this same issue a few months ago with an unsuccessful business card.

  6. @DDiamond – The biz card is 100% separate product. What you hold personally does not impact perks etc. of biz card. Now they bonus nights etc can all go to your one Marriott account yes.

  7. @Dan – I would wait a few hours and HUCB and keep doing so until you get a yes. The days are numbered where you will get one without waiting 2 years with few apps!

  8. Rene;
    A few months ago I picked up a mileage run from MIA to SFO for an April trip. Something came up and I wanted to move it back a week so I hit the change button at Delta. The fare difference was about $30.00 but the kicker was this which I copied and pasted below. What is that all about.
    Hope all is well,
    Rod in ATL,
    PS only 55,000 miles short of 2 Million.

    Changing your flight will result in the loss of your Trip Extras: , Delta Comfort+ and Preferred Seat purchases. However, if your purchase included a Delta 24 Hours Wi-Fi Pass, it may be used on your next flight within 1 year from the date of purchase. View Terms & Conditions.

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