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SWAG Saturday. 1 Gram 999.9 pure gold bar up for grabs (plus some other goodies)!

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1 gram sold gold bar swag saturday giveaway renes points blog
A solid gold bar up for grabs this week!

This week we are back for part two of our four precious Delta elite level giveaways but in real metal, not just in name. Gold, that is 24k gold and 999.9 pure, is on tap (only 1 gram, but still the real deal).


hoou and delta billboard headsets
Who does not like free HOOU coupons?

Since the gold “bar” is a bit small, I will again include more. You also get a pair of HOOU coupons and a pair of Delta billboard headsets as well. Now you can only comment once per email & IP address on this giveaway. Next Friday night the 19th I will use to pick a winner.

What I need from you is really simple. Toward the end of the year last year I put up a series of posts about medallion status and if you should go for whatever level (feel free to review links above). Now we are into the 2016 medallion year and working on 2017. So this week my question is: Is Delta GOLD medallion status still worthwhile in today’s elite environment. Yes or No is all I need but if you want to comment more you can. Have fun! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Nah. Not worth it – especially with Delta’s state of miles and sparse upgrades.

  2. GM is absolutely worth it. SkyPriority benefits are nice, as is free SDC/SDS. Better chance at getting C+ seats, and first class upgrade chances are reasonable on non-business heavy routes. GM also gives STE+ status, which grants lounge access when traveling internationally. The phone customer service also tends to be much better than FO.

  3. Gold is definitely worth it – you have chances at upgrades (ladyfriend has been upgraded every time from Boston to Raleigh and vice-versa), checked bags, and with upcoming changes to C+ “upgrades”, gifting gold to my ladyfriend is something I’m going to be doing annually!

  4. Go for Gold! The perks are a little better than Silver including Sky Priority boarding. Then work on attaining Platinum. Then Diamond.

  5. Well recently on myDTW-NRT-DTW legs T72 there were Comfort+ aisle seats available. I was able to use the lounge, which I would not otherwise pay $59 or even $29 for. And my company basically pays for my status. so, Yes.

  6. Yes, you never know when an upgrade will come thru and surprise you, better than no status.

  7. As a GM – barely worth it. My big push is to make my MM this year (35k to go).

  8. Flying or staying in hotels with status is always better than with nothing. The benefits may not be much but yes.. go for the status

  9. I think Gold is the point where Delta starts thinking of you as a person, so yes. Gold is the point where it starts getting worth it.

  10. Prior to revenue based yes. Now no. go with the lowest fares unless you can make platinum or higher.

  11. Any status is better than no status (even if only marginally so). That said, it still depends (typical MBA answer!) on how much one “spends” for the status.

  12. That gold is all you will have left when the stock market crashes again

  13. I’d say in general NO.

    But in a deeper analysis, I’d say YES depending on the routes you fly and partners. Example: being Gold and travelling KLM/AirFrance/Alitalia may be better as Elite Plus than actually travelling Delta. Routing might also affect your possibility of upgrades. I was gold for a year (2015) and got upgraded 1/30 times. Sad. But I travel high-diamond routes.

  14. Yes…not as nice as DM, but some value from SkyPri + upgrades on “off” days / non-busy routes

  15. Yes it is. Personally it is the minimum status I want to pursue. In terms of service I actually feel appreciated by Delta. In terms up upgrades I find that it take some work to find routes with the best chance, but with that work I am averaging 50% and when I’m not in first I get the C+. I’m pretty happy if I can get a seat that gives me a complimentary Woodford Reserve!

  16. Yes….for the waived same-day standby fees. I didn’t realize how many times I used that until I slipped to Silver last year.

  17. No, while the elite perks are nice the miles are worthless compared to other programs.

  18. No except for frequent flyers who fly more than 2 or more times a month

  19. Better than nothing but not a whole lot of benefits coming to golds.

  20. Yes, I’m GM and have gotten some real value out of it, including “upgrades” to C+ on international flights.

  21. Yes (barely) for those who travel a lot anyways. Ability to choose exit rows, small chance of upgrades, and sky priority are all nice. However, I would not support anyone going for it if it cost them a significant amount of time or effort to chase

  22. For my area where I am not a Delta hub captive, I would say no. Too many other choices.

  23. It’s worth minimal benefit at this point, but it is better than nothing. Pretty soon all benefits from every airline will be essentially minimal crumbs, and we zombies will still be creating carnage to get them.

  24. When I first read the blog, “NO” was screaming in my head. Then I read all the comments thus far and changed my mind to a reluctant “yes”, provided of course, as another reader said, that one wouldn’t have to pay much for it.

    As for me, I’ve been a DM since the start and plan to stay at this level. The day I don’t qualify DM is the day I either retire or start flying another airline.

  25. yes…ok it’s better than nothing. And I’ve not flown much this year (used to carry at least plat until downgraded to gold this year) and received upgrades on 3 of 4 flights so far this year….

  26. Depends on what you have planned for the coming year. Getting Elite plus status on international flights is worth it, but domestically, not much difference from silver. For me re 2017, no

  27. No,
    Easy answer to today’s swag question. But I would like to use my space to suggest a future swag question: What I have you learned reading renespoints? Yesterday I learned the value of reading the blog. I was on a CJR feeder flight out of COS to SLC. There were crew “problems” (a flight attendant had fallen in parking lot and broken her wrist). 2 Hours later after the replacement flight attendant had final arrived and everyone had scrabbled to rebook their connecting flights we started boarding. As a DM, I was one of the 1st down the jetway. There was a red coat in the jetway and while we waited for the wheel chair passengers to sort out, I asked the red coat if there would be compensation. He looked at my boarding pass and said he would come a see me at my seat. Just before they closed the door, he came back to me and handed me vouchers for lunch and $ for my Delta account. What he didn’t say, but what was clearly meant by his low key,last moment delivery was “please don’t tell everyone else you got compensation”.

    Something I learned from renespoints, if there is ever a non-weather delay, find a red coat and discreetly ask for compensation.

  28. Yes, gold is definitely worth something. And when you fly on a partner too!

  29. Yes, it’s worth it – though it’s worth much less than it used to be. In my case, I fly to Russia every so often (and so happy that Delta reinstated the flight to Moscow!), and when I arrive to Moscow, the only choice I have for my remote destination is Aeroflot. The SkyTeam benefits are pretty decent, though it’s always a fight to get into one of the Aeroflot-related lounges. To get these, I am pretty much locked into Delta.

  30. Yes. Gold is worth it to me because of Skyteam Elite Plus status it confers.

  31. johnny rambo Reply

    Sounds good on paper, but not really worth anyone’s time or effort. No

  32. Enjoy FIne Food Reply

    no. They don’t love you. Spread your love in return.

  33. As a 2MM, lifetime Gold used to be a valuable perk, but It’s not worth much anymore. I might as well just fly Southwest enough to get to the A list level.

  34. No. Delta devalues everything without notice, that decreases the value tremendously.

  35. Yes and no. Yes it’s better than no status, but no, it is not worth chasing anymore.

  36. No, better to skip Delta unless you are trapped at one of their hubs.

  37. For international lounge access when flying Economy (i.e. SkyTeam Elite Plus), yes!

  38. Yes, definitely worth it. Value is eroding, but for a non- road warrior like me, it still makes the experience so much better.

  39. Yes, and I’m likely going to be gold on DL in 2017 instead of platinum, which I’ve been for the past five years on DL, since I’m flying AA a lot more these days due to SM devaluations on DL.

  40. Maybe it will become more valuable as the Platinum and Diamond elites get fed up and leave.

  41. Its not worth spending for, but it is worth gifting as a choice benefit to my wife. They say that in a marriage it’s the little things that count. GM status certainly now counts as a look thing

  42. Yes if you’re going on overseas trip and can get access to Delta Skyclub or regularly use Same-day confirm option to get an earlier flight. As GM for the past few years this has been the perk for me. I cant get upgrade unless i fly off peak for high level medallions.

  43. ValueInvestor Reply

    GM is better than SM or no status, but not much. I live in a Delta hub and much of my air travel is on business heavy routes, so upgrades if I were GM would be rare — they already are rare for me as a PM and MM. The real question is, “what effort is worthwhile to achieve GM?” For me, if it would mean buying some gift cards at the end of the year on my Delta AmEx Reserve card to get MQM’s, or taking an inexpensive mileage run to a warm destination for a few days during the winter, it might be worth it. But I wouldn’t make much more effort than that.

    Because of Delta’s continuing devaluations of SkyMiles and Medallion perks, I am re-thinking my 30 years of Delta/Northwest loyalty.

  44. Gold is certainly worth it, especially for the SkyTeam Elite status. When IROPS occur overseas, it can really pay off. I was bounced into Biz class for a trip back from Europe when they had an IROPS as a Gold.

  45. yes

    But only for the lounge access on international flights. It has come in handy after getting stuck in Tokyo for wether conditions. If you are in the lounge they will find you a hotel, when they close if you are still there. If one did not have access to the lounge, too bad for you, terminal naps till the next flight takes off 🙁

  46. I believe that Silver is worthwhile and have yet to get to Gold (2016 may be my year!) so I am of course going to say it is worth it! I think just having the Priority Baggage Handling makes it worth it, can’t tell you how many times I have had to wait till the end for my luggage to show up….

  47. Delta Dave Reply

    I think Gold Medillion status is much better than not having a status at all. Some perks are better than none.

  48. Norris Krueger Reply

    Why not? But I’m a Million Miler so I’m biased.

    p.s. I’m #201! I’m #201 🙂

  49. Nightliner Reply

    Yes. Never fly without status – sometimes you “win the lotto” (“Battlefield” UG on PDX-NRT as a Silver!). Wouldnt want to miss out on that.

  50. It’s better than not having status but has definitely lost its luster.

  51. Pam gehring Reply

    Yes. Anything that gives you a little ‘extra’ over the average traveler, is a chance at an upgrade.

  52. Michael N. Reply

    Yes! I enjoy the early boarding and getting upgraded every now-and-again. I also enjoy the treatment Gold’s get internationally.

  53. Yes.

    I feel like Silver doesn’t get you very much, but Gold allows unlimited access to SkyTeam lounges while on an international itinerary, and I have found this to be such a great value, especially since the price of one-VISIT passes went up.

  54. Gold is still worth it if reasonably achievable but not to the extent one would fly an extra 20k miles for the status.

  55. Yes, it is. If you aren’t flying to the major hubs, you’re going to get upgraded at least 50% of the time, and maybe a lot more than that. Is that as good as it used to be? Apparently not, but it’s significantly better than silver. At the very least, with Gold status, I only flew in less than a Comfort seat a handful of times last year, either because of last second re-routing due to a cancellation or because all of the Comfort/Business seats were sold out in advance.

  56. It depends as what must be done to get gold? Yes, for hopeful upgrades and more baggage allowances, etc, but no because of the watering down of elite perks.

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  58. Yes !
    Flying JFK-AUS this week RT upgrades have already cleared !!
    Yes ! Yes ! Yes !!

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