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Delta CORP confirms an end of elite Gold Medallion credentials / kits for 2016.

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real delta gold medallion card renes points blog
You will never get a GOLD Medallion card again!

A year ago I posted that Delta ended the physical mailing of elite credentials for Silver Medallions that is the lowest Delta elite rank (there is one rank lower if you consider SPG Platinums with Crossover Rewards that gets a number of the same perks).

A number of readers have reached out asking about Golds not getting a kit toward the end of last year or this year for that matter (I already have my Diamond kit for 2016). So I reached out to Delta and was told:

“Members who qualify for 2016 Gold Medallion status on or after 12/22/15 will no longer receive physical credential packages in the mail and beginning in February 2016, drink vouchers will also be digital for all eligible Medallions. Gold Medallions are now able to access their digital Medallion card and drink vouchers through “My Wallet” in the Fly Delta app, and will also have the option to print at” – Anthony Black, SkyMiles spokesman

inside the fly delta app my skymiles card and more
Digital Medallion cards

Now is this really a big deal? After all, as you can see from above, I can simply open up my Fly Delta APP and see all kinds of digital “stuff” like my HOOU drink coupons, my Diamond card as well as my Sky Club card. I can do screen shots so even if off-line I can use a photo of the cards when needed.

print my skymiles card from my delta my wallet
How to print your own Medallion cards

But there are issues with this. There are times that a “real” card is needed and a printed card (from your My Delta page on that you slap some packing tape on top of is just not accepted. I had this happen to me in Gothenburg once and they were not going to budge on a bag fee until they could “swipe” a real card with a strip on the back. I have had reports of others having issues getting into Skyteam lounges when they did not have a “real” physical card. Now before you comment, yes, your status should be printed on the boarding pass but issues can and do arise where a real card helps. That is now no more for Silvers AND Golds officially.

Then there is the other little issue about how much Delta “values” you as an elite. It is no small thing to fly 50,000 Miles a year with Delta and I am even this week in the SWAG Saturday asking the very question if Gold Medallion status is even worthwhile anymore (be sure to enter I am giving away a solid GOLD BAR)!

While I understand the financial reasons for this digital change I also understand why many are not pleased with this one more cut in value for lower elite ranks. Then again, I expect in a few more years for all elite credentials to go digital 100%. Delta is about saving and making money and spending so much to mail out #BragTags really is kinda silly when digital works most of the time! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Pretty lame move on Delta’s part. Let’s also not forget, those bag tags were created for a reason and for medallions, it often means the difference in how our luggage gets handled – at least in what I’ve experienced in the past as a Silver, Gold and now as a PM. Hard to justify all this cost cutting of value-add when Delta’s revenue’s are climbing… I guess “Keep Climbing” was referencing executive bonuses, not necessarily value-add items like this.

    Although, their hard product is getting better and the Sky Club enhancements (especially at LAX) are nice to have. Just be nice if they could add benefits without taking others away.

  2. As someone who is a Gold member this makes me feel so appreciated .

    I believe that UA is still giving real credentials for their Silver elites (lowest tier), as I got them last year and received an email from Marriott (where I am Plat and Silver on UA is a perk) saying that I would be getting my 2016 UA silver credentials in the mail soon.

    Not sure how I will end this year.

  3. wow I had put in xml tags stating sarcasm around appreciated and they got stripped from the post….

  4. I’m currently struggling to get a status match to Turkish because they insist I send them a photo of my physical card. No amount of screenshots from or the Delta app will satisfy them.

  5. Quick math. Customer spends 6k MQD to reach GM, and Delta returns the thanks by not spending twenty bucks to print and send that customer a card and brag tags? OK, we already know what they think of the customer, so I guess that’s a non-issue, but…

    I’m guessing the mothership doesn’t seek feedback from their line folks on this, or the rest of the SkyTeam partners for that matter, because I have been told numerous times by agents at the ticket counter, at Sky Club, by gate agents and (as recently as last night while seeking help with an IROP issue) redcoats…when flying outside the US, carry the Medallion/Sky Club credentials you get in the mail from Delta. Several made it clear the ST partner systems aren’t always linked with the ones here [in the US], so the actual hard card is trusted over what a computer says.

    • You’re probably right, but I’m nervous to do that now that I’ve told them they no longer supply cards for GMs!

  6. I have yet to receive my PM packet. At least my HOOUs are in my e-wallet.

  7. Well, at least it is possible to print a card from the website. So I could print out a card for my +1 if I wanted to. To be able to ‘carry’ a digital card one needs to have a capable device.
    It is widely assumed that everyone living today has a smartphone, which is not the case.
    Well, I have never needed the card but it was always nice to find some credentials in the mail each year.
    Hilton stopped sending out cards several years ago but doesn’t tell so. I request a card to be mailed every few months. I always get the message it would arrive within a few weeks. Guess what? Haven’t received anything for years.
    Not that I would really need a physical card … but it was nice to get something. Not for bragging, except in front of myself 😉

  8. I’m yet another PM who has not received credentials for 2016. By the number of comments so far, maybe they cut out the platinum kits also?

  9. Still awaiting my PM package. Fingers crossed something will show up.

  10. I actually prefer the digital card overall, but I’d be hopping mad if I got to one of their international partner lounges and was denied entry because I don’t have a plastic card to “prove my worth” as an Elite Plus.

  11. Max Escher Reply

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”
    YES, Oui, Ja, Si!!!!!!!!

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  13. No PM credentials here. Rene, time to ask delta about this. And, P.S., I actually know several people who still don’t carry smart phones and are laughing because Apple is now fighting the government about access to iPhones.

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  15. pat harris Reply

    What a laugh. So I achieved Platinum ‘status’ in 2015. What did it get me? After email back and forth to Delta, I was informed that my ‘credentials’ were mailed on February 12 [it is now 19th] and I should receive them in—are you ready—4 to 6 weeks. The Pony Express would be quicker. I live about 165 miles from Atlanta. These folks change the qualifiers as they go. Of course, the fine print says this. Way to go Delta.

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  17. Those wondering about PM packages…

    I called Delta this morning about a My Delta glitch (shocking, I know) and while I had the rep, told her I hadn’t yet received my PM creds. She said she’d call another rep to find out when the cred pack was mailed out.

    I got the impression it never was.

    She came back on and said “those packets are mailed out in bulk. So you should be receiving yours in 7 to 14 days.” She seemed a bit hesitant.

    Given all of that, I got the feeling had I not called nothing ever would have been put in motion. (Maybe it never will, who knows?) So maybe try giving the PM line a call and see what they say.

  18. I received my Silver credentials from UA last week…… Missed the DL Gold by a day :(.

    The UA silver came for free by being Plat @ Marriott.

    Flew from Houston to Ft Lauderdale on UA last december and both my son and I were upgraded…….

  19. kimco-kimco Reply

    This stinks. I finally qualified as gold on 12/14/15. When I asked about my medallion kit a couple of days ago, I was told by Delta customer service that they stopped the kits as of 12/15/15 and won’t be sending me anything. Ugh.

  20. Confirmed with Delta today that there are indeed still welcome packages for platinum medallions. They are mailed out at the end of the medallion year.

  21. Wow…I thought there was respect for loyalty. I qualified for the first time as Gold this year, on 12/30 actually, and was looking forwarding to sporting a loyalty bag tag.

  22. Wow! I qualified for Gold for the first time on 12/30/16. Loyalty isn’t rewarded.

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