SWAG Saturday. 1 Gram 999.5 pure Platinum bar up for grabs (plus some other goodies)!

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swag saturday 1 gram platinum giveaway

Platinum may be small, but is valuable!

This week we are back for part three of our four precious Delta elite level giveaways but in real metal, not just in name. Platinum, that is PURE Platinum or 999.5, is on tap (only 1 gram, but still the real Platinum deal).


hoou and delta billboard headsets

Who does not like free HOOU coupons?

Since the platinum “bar” is a bit small, I will again include more. You also get a pair of HOOU coupons and a pair of Delta billboard headsets as well. Now you can only comment once per email & IP address on this giveaway (USA only mailing address btw). Next Friday night the 26th I will use Random.org to pick a winner.

What I need from you is really simple. Toward the end of the year last year I put up a series of posts about medallion status and if you should go for whatever level (feel free to review links above). Now we are into the 2016 medallion year and working on 2017. So this week my question is: Is Delta Platinum medallion status still worthwhile today with upgrades harder and hard to score? Yes or No is all I need but if you want to comment more you can. Have fun! – René


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  1. Yes for many but not for me – I have burned all 4+ million DL miles and am now concentrating on AA – have almost 900,000 miles with them.

  2. Yes, for the RU certs, free cancelation of awards and better phone service. However, this year I’ll first be focusing on requalifying for Alaska MVP75k before I’m bothering with Delta status. I’m at 100% upgrades this year and they really make you feel much more appreciated.

  3. Since I am not a Delta hub captive, my answer is “No.” My answer might be (somewhat) different were ATL to be my most convenient airport.

  4. Yes, though I’m keeping a watchful eye on Delta’s moves. Biz class award discounts recently announced still keep me loyal, but that can change.

  5. As an MSP hub captive, I would definitely say yes, in fact I paid my taxes on 12/31 so get those extra MQMs!!

  6. I’d vote no – Delta has done everything to diminish its FF program. It might be the first airline to attempt to remove its FF program completely.

    Also, I can’t wait until Rene has a 1g Diamond giveaway next!!!

    Just kidding.

  7. Yes, definitely! Especially at Platinum level, ANY of those perks is by definition better than none

  8. I say no upgrades are one of the big perks of loyalty. Without them, loyalty and status has much less value.

  9. Yes for free award redeposits and comfort seat selection at booking, but the real question is, whether Delta as a program, worth it if they keep devaluing all benefits for all medallions

  10. Yes, isn’t any upgrade or bonus worth it to you? The convenience of being able to even have delta comfort is huge when it isn’t available on the flights you have to book! The feeling when your name is called because if a last second upgrade is such a great surprise and relieving feeling! Love this website. Thanks for all you do René,

  11. Yes!

    I think Gold is the minimum level to reach for it to be really useful, so Platinum of course is worthwhile. Maybe it’s not what it used to be, but when you ignore the past, and just look at it as it is today, I think it is worthwhile.

  12. No, mainly because I just don’t like delta. They lead the way in the travel industry making awards and benefits worse for the traveler.

  13. Absolutely. I’m 4/6 for upgrades so far this year. I’ve used the free award ticket changes quite frequently, and I used a RUC to clear an incredibly tough upgrade out of ATL.

    Delta Platinum is the best non-top tier airline status out there. AA has no equivalent, and we all know what UA is like.

  14. No. Beneficial for those burning on the way out which I consider myself to be. But diamond is only level worth the effort and money anymore. Upgrade ratios seem too low to be reliably factored into any level below diamond.

    I stopped short of PM for MY 16 to hit PM hopefully early this Uttar and get max use in MY17 where clearly this May’s changes will prime 2017 as the season of burn.

  15. No. When your perks are systematically slash as you have pointed out on many ocassions and FCM, the other shoe will drop with no EC soon. Can’t wait for that shot in the foot. Enjoy Platinum perks now, in a few months let’s see who is singing the same tune!

  16. Yes, but only marginally more valuable than GM. A couple of upgrade certs is the only real difference to me, as the only other shot at any upgrade on “normal” routes seems to require DM status.

  17. Better than Gold. I do like the phone service…but it stinks that DL is destroying the program, making it seem like status isn’t worth attaining.

  18. Last year, I was a Diamond and saw my upgrade rate plummet from the previous year. I travel for business and my schedule allows little flexibility to pursue itineraries which would improve my odds of an upgrade. Given that (and since qualifying for Diamond typically involves mileage runs), Platinum is close enough. I save quite a bit of time and money versus Diamond qualification and obtain perquisites at roughly the same rate.

  19. yes a qualified yes even though I have never been higher than gold but still i like having it. i wonder what the amex people think about the lure of the miles for their customers after amex spent billions obtaining the miles and to know they lose their value daily it seems. i am surprised they don’t use their huge buying power to ‘convince’ delta to sweeten the pot a bit.

  20. Yes…was GM several years and just reached PM last year for 2016 due to Argentina trip and Delta AmEx spend bonus. Been upgraded several times already and perks are nicer than GM. Still have to board with the SKY heard though!!

  21. Yes, but not if you need to go to extraordinary lengths to obtain/maintain it. It’s harder to justify my Reserve card these days…

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