A WARNING about Delta C+ upgrades on KLM awards & KLM award booking issues continue today!

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klm will cancel your ticket with comfort plus upgrade

KLM please don’t cancel my ticket over a C+ seat!

Yesterday I mentioned how I had a most frustrating day with KLM on twitter as they pretty much just ignored me all day long. So I ended up calling to get my award ticket booked. The award booking issues they were having yesterday are still going on today btw. But on to another issue.

I gave you the advice in the post yesterday, as a Delta elite, that you could strip out the KLM Flying Blue frequent flyer number and simply put in your Delta Medallion number. Well, yes, you can and all works perfect on Delta.com but a bit less so on KLM.

delta codes the comfort plus upgrade as WU

Wahoo. A free “upgrade” to C+?

You see, Delta, when you are talking flights after 16MAY16, is coding your “upgrade” to Comfort Plus as a WU fare. However, KLM’s computers do not like that as they must show it as an N fare as you see in my receipt below.

reciept for my klm award ticket

Yeah, it is still N class KLM!

The result was a nasty surprise today. KLM attempted to cancel my award ticket. Sigh. They said you cannot be in a WU fare as that is not one of our award classes. I tried to explain this all to the KLM rep as well as what Delta is doing after 16MAY16 but it did little good.

The rep put me on hold and at last put the ticket back in and said that Delta is now handling my ticket. OK, not sure what that means but happy to have my ticket back and to not have to move back to coach just so it stayed with an N class.

Bottom line is simply this for now – DON’T choose to upgrade to C+ unless you are ready to call KLM and have a grand chat with them about Delta and the WU fare class that is a free upgrade and is still an N class fare (not to mention the same coach seat as the rest of coach) and that you are yes still eligible for a medallion 1st class upgrade and this upgrade has nothing to do with that upgrade and… oh you get the idea.

Pick an exit row until Delta and KLM work out the IT on this. Yeah, that could be a VERY long time kids! – René



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  1. Will you be at the Centurion lounge when you get to Dallas? I’d love to say hi

  2. Obviously, Delta doesn’t tell their partners anything either! Award charts, fares, fare classes, cabin dividers……

    And that’s why everyone will revolt someday (I pray)

  3. KLM is a bully on the play ground as well. I’m going to be watching this closely since I fly a long haul leg with Delta and a long haul leg with KLM every international flight I take. Gosh, and we just got this seat thing worked out between the computer systems!

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