I may never ever have to pay for Gogo wifi ever again (as long as these deals stay alive)!

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

so many free gogo passes from my credit cards

What you see above is a shot of some of the Gogo wifi passes I have waiting to be used. They are all one time, that is, one fight or segment passes. So if a flight is one hour or four it does not matter they are for that flight only. The AMEX ones are a bit unique as I can use them even on international Delta flights!

So how did I get them? It really is quite simple. There are so many cards that now offer you either 10 or 12 one time use Gogo passes per year as part of your card membership. Like what?

usbank flex perks signature visa large

I posted before how simple it is if you have the personal (not business) US BANK FlexPerks Visa signature card <-LINK you can very simply redeem your passes. If your wife / +1 has a card, you can dump the passes into your account or into another account at Gogo.


Some of you wisely followed my direction and jumped on the CNB Crystal Visa. This card is turning out to be one of my favorite travel cards of all time EVER and is paying me back way more in perks each year than the fee for the card. Not only did I get $1,000 in value for getting the card (when it had the 100k new card bonus) but also the $250 in incidentals (works with AUs as well – at least for now) and it also gives me 12 Gogo passes per year (AUs get them too). You can for NO FEE add up to 3 AUs to your CNB card so you see the value here!

amex biz platinum large

Lastly I have my non-Delta AMEX business Platinum card <-LINK. As touched on it gives me 10 Gogo passes each year and I can even use them on international flights. I just wish this were a perk of the personal cards as well but perhaps this perk alone is reason enough to hold this card year after year (in addition to the LONG list of other perks like $200 incidental credit and perks like Centurion Lounge access and so on).

The key tip for me is to setup individual Gogo accounts for each of these cards so I can pick what account I pull the passes from for each flight. I may want to drain them all from one first and don’t want to risk say an AMEX pass being pulled when I would rather have a VISA one. Yes, you can have as many Gogo logins as you want!

If you add all of these up, for all these cards I hold, you are talking about 70 one time use passes. I hope you see my point that with all of these I just no longer have the need to ever pay for Gogo uses ever again. I normally fly about 100-ish segments a year but many of those are on CRJ200s with no wifi so that many passes are enough for me each year.

If you lastly can add the simply amazing tech tool of Connectify that allows me to turn my PC into a wifi hotspot so you can have both your laptop and phone online with Gogo at the same time, you will be set for all your flying needs.

Gosh I hate paying card fees (even when I can get much of them credited back) each year but when you take the time to add up all the perks that some of these cards give you it makes it a bit simpler to take! – René




  1. On the CNB card does anyone know if add a AU after the fact, do they get hit with a credit pull.

  2. @MSPDeltaDude – I did not get one for adding my wife. Check the FT thread but I do not think so no.

  3. @MSPDeltaDude – Yep. I plan to add more for the free Gogo passes alone. Be award 1APRIL CNB is changing the $250 incidentals rules. Not that seat upgrades ever coded right with Delta anyway but still…

  4. I’m sure you all read the USA Today story this week about the NPR reporter who got hacked by another passenger using GoGo on a Delta flight. He could see everything the reporter was doing.

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