This weeks genuine Diamond plus HOOU and other SWAG winner is… #87 (is that you)?

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diamond winner swag saturday

I guess I should not be surprised. I am really stunned how many said even Delta DIAMOND status is no longer worth going after. It is in fact fitting that today’s winner, Gino, said:

“No. Having Delta status is nice in an IROPS situation, but I’ve gotten great treatment and upgrades both with and without it.”

And you know Gino, first congrats, but next you make a huge point for me. If you can just go buy 1st class or even coach and get good treatment at any airline why shoot for any kind of loyalty?

I guess I am just so upset and really down right MAD over Mr. Ham Sandwich himself, the new Delta president, Glen Hauenstein who tells Bloomberg the days of even getting an award ticket on Delta are numbered. Why even try anymore folks. Can this bean counter not count to two or three as if a SkyRuble is only worth 1 cent, there are MUCH better choices than Delta and the Delta AMEX card. I think I need a drink! 🙁  – René

OH, yes, Gino,  I will email you and get your prize on the way soon! 🙂




  1. I’m truly surprised that Amex isn’t upset with delta. Surely I’m not the only one who is thinking of ditching, or have ditched, their Amex cards because of delta. Your thoughts?

  2. I am in complete agreement here. I feel I am treated extra special in IROPS situations as well and am seeing very little reason to be loyal to Delta or any airline for that matter if they are not loyal back. Buying first class tickets at a decent discount for actual planned trips might just be a break even dollar point instead of doing mileage runs for loyalty and paying all that extra money.
    And I agree that Amex should be saying something, but they have their woes as well and may not want to lose any more business than they already have.

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