ACT FAST! Lighting giveaway. 5 Delta HOOU coupons up for grabs TODAY ONLY!

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Who doesn’t love HOOUs?

Time for a real quick lightning giveaway today. I will use later today. Enter as often as you want as there are 5 HOOU coupons up for grabs. Comment anything at all about travel just no cut-N-paste answer.

If you don’t don’t know what a  HOOU is, they are what Delta calls “Have One On Us” and are good for a beer, cocktail, wine split (ie small wine) or a $2 set of Delta Billboard headsets . They expire 31DEC2016. Have fun! – René

UPDATE: We have our winners 120, 137, 52, 81, 119 – No more comments. Thanks!




  1. I enjoy reading your blog posts. I started reading 2 years ago when I started traveling more and have very much enjoyed it!

  2. As a math/ computer Science Major, there is no such thing as a random number in practice.

  3. Love your advice… Especially #last2boardclub! It’s worked so well recently I’m hesitant to brag!!!

  4. Southwest is my favorite airline to work with, and Discover credit cards have the best customer service.

  5. René, I know your are about to hit a million miles and with that in mind you need to listen to Bruce Springsteen’s, “Secret Garden” just you hit the milestone.
    Awesome song. The lyrics in the bridge are always in my head when I’m on a mileage run. “You’ve gone a million miles. How far you’d get? To that place where you can’t remember. Where you can’t forget.”
    Enjoy the journey!

  6. I just came across your blog today on Twitter. Kept up the great work. I fly Delta a few times a year and the HOOU would come in very handy!

  7. After showing up 3 hours early because TSA isn’t even meeting their recommendation of arriving 2 hours early, I could use a few HOOUs.

  8. You’ll celebrate your million miles about the time I finally make Diamond. Being diamond on a CRJ 200 means so much!! But, I love the Delta 747 and am going to fly it as much as I can this year.

  9. Two Delta trips coming up this spring to LAS and ATL. Thanks for running the giveaway.

  10. Dropped from silver recently and will be flying as a kettle. Should be interesting.

  11. Coming back to Delta after a hiatus. Been just choosing flights based on convenience and price. Loyalty isn’t worth it anymore.

  12. Need those HOOUs for 50 seaters and no C+ upgrades after May 16th…


  13. The few times I fly Delta (back to SBN–my hometown airport too!) I could sure use a drink 😀

  14. Award calendar still has tons of low-level TATL flights for this summer.

    Act now before JFK-LHR is 500,000 miles!

  15. Tempted to snag that $450 RT to NRT, but I fear I’d spend away the savings on chiropractor visits after 14 hours in Y.

    PMs should be able to choose either four RUCs or two GUCs…

  16. I’m 8/10 with upgrades as a PM so far this year.

    Helps to be someone who is flexible and willing to fly on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.

    Only upgrades I’ve missed have been DCA-ATL, and vis versa. I did have to use an RUC for ATL-PDX, but it was totally worth it.

  17. Decided that I will check-in the old fashioned for my flight tonight.

    No mobile boarding passes, all paper from the Sky Priority counter.

    I can’t remember the last time I waited until the airport to check-in.

  18. First trip on DL crediting to Alaska coming up. Matched to MVP gold before GM status expired 🙂

  19. I hit 2M miles last fall, got another nice free carry-on luggage with Delta’s thanks. How many million miles must one fly to earn lifetime Diamond status?

  20. If the oxygen masks drop and plane higher than 10,000 feet, don’t waste a second getting that mask on your face. You could have as little as 5 seconds before passing out.

  21. This is what the devaluation of the Delta Loyalty program has become. Diamonds posting comments on an awesome blog in hopes of scoring a free drink to ease the pain of the back of the plane.

  22. Thanks for your blog, haven’t taken to elite mileage runs yet, but using some of your suggestions to plan some.

  23. Thanks for the info on the NRT mileage runs. Even from Des Moines (DSM) only $650.

  24. I finally broke down for Global Entry. A credit card will pay the fee. Now instead of maybe waiting in an immigration line, I will wait at the baggage carousel.

  25. I just returned from PEK. The line automated immigration line for US citizens at ORD was jammed with people with Chinese and Japanese passports. They must be here on some kind of work visas.

  26. +1 Scott on comment 88. It is amazing. Which is why only one premium fare for me on DL (paid) in past 36 mos vs. 20+ elsewhere. Well honestly no exotic intl premium awards either vs. 5 elsewhere in F.

  27. I’m learning a lot from your site. Love the Delta B717! Keep up the great work!

  28. Flying DL JFK-SJU in two months as a OW Sapphire… a HOOU coupon would go a long way 🙂

  29. I used one of your links for my wife’s application on a Delta Amex last year…and she was approved of course!

  30. I’m hoping the pendulum of change will swing back in favor of frequent flyers, but I’m afraid that we still have more pain to endure first.

  31. Even with full planes, cramped seating, and fees galore, with a good attitude traveling by air is still a lot of fun.

  32. Wonder how long the incoming CEO lasts before customer backlash against the devaluations hit the mothership…I don’t fly Spirit or Allegiant for a reason, shame Delta wants to chase them so far down the rabbit hole virtually becoming another LCC.

  33. As a frequent delta flyer I love reading your blog and count on it to keep me up to date on on the lates changes and promotions.

  34. Flying today. Earning those miles, which I can maximize thanks to your tips.

  35. I’m going on an epic mileage run in April, almost 29K MQMs, from SJU-ORD-NRT-CAE-SEA-ANC-SJU.

  36. Thanks everyone, we have our winners (no more comments please). I will reach out to the winners on Monday and get your HOOUs in the mail. – Rene

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