Is there any way to get the AMEX SPG bonus again. Are there workarounds if you had the card before?

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IF if you have ever in your lifetime received the new card bonus for either card, you cannot get it again. But is there any kind of workaround? Maybe. I say maybe because it is not whether or not you have had the card before that matters its whether AMEX says you have had the card before!

my list of cards

This is the list of cards AMEX says I have had!

I have a post detailing how you can get American Express to tell you ALL the cards THEY say you have had. You will then have proof that you can do a screen shot with and show whether or not THEY say that you have received or had a card before.  That means even if you potentially have in the past held an SPG card you may be able to get this HUGE new card bonus again if they say you did not hold it in the past!

Anther advantage of doing this online chat to learn what cards you have held is that you may not realize you have never had the business version of this card or your wife / +1 may not ever have had the business card before. Yes, anyone can get AMEX business cards, just be honest about your business income. Let’s take for an example that you maybe be buying and selling on Ebay. If you do not make much income from this just put that down as there will be a field for your total income from other sources to prove you can still pay the bill each month.

What about a second business card if you have a second business or if you used your SSN or social security number for your current card. Could you use an EIN number help you get the current bonus. Maybe, but most times new card bonus offers are tied to your social security number. Just know there is a high likelihood of being approved for the card, and then not get the bonus points, if you are using an EIN for a different business than the one (or SSN) you used before. However the credit pull may be worth the risk for this large of a bonus point offer and see what happens. Just know YMMV on this one.

Another good tip if you got this card before is calling or chatting to get a one time bonus to match this higher offer. Most times AMEX does not match current offers if you got a lower offer. But places around the web are reporting that by reaching out customer service reps are offering a “one time” courtesy bonus of 5,000 or 10,000 points if you applied for either the personal or business card within the past year. Spending 5 minutes of your time would well be worth 5 or 10k SPG points!

Sheraton Gateway LAX club room Delta Points blog 1

Sheraton Gateway LAX club room

Lastly another big reason to consider the business card if you have never had it before. Sheraton lounge access. I have on a number of occasions when I was a Gold SPG member been upgraded to the club floor and thus gained access. But with the business SPG card, when staying at a Sheraton hotel, you get access free. Most Sheratons have a very nice spread, even with free drinks at times, in the evening. Some Sheratons club breakfasts are really very good. Just remember this perk is part of holding the SPG business card.

Bottom line this current 35,000 point new card bonus is possibly the last time you will be able to get something this big as we just have no idea what will happen to AMEX SPG cards once the merger with Marriott is completed (Marriott hotel cards are with Chase). You have until the end of the month to apply for either card to get the current bonus offer! – René


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  1. I applied and got the personal card for 25K the day before the 35K offer hit. I’ve called Amex twice, been bounced around to various departments and supervisors, with no luck getting matched to the higher bonus.

  2. @DJ – Did you try online chat? Also, do not ask for a “match”, ask for a one-time bonus or one-time credit as they can often do that but NOT to a “match” if you will.

  3. I called last night and got the courtesy match on both my business and personal. Took no more than 10 minutes. The first person said no, and then when I got to a supervisor, she granted it. She mentioned that emails had been flying around about this, and they will likely get dinged for doing this in their reviews. So kill em with kindness.

  4. I currently have the SPG business card and have never had the personal card. From what I understand, I am eligible for the bonus on the personal, correct?

  5. Thanks so much for the tip on asking Amex what cards I’ve had. Not sure why their system isn’t complete or if the agents misinterpret, but they missed several cards. I asked them to check twice and same result. So looking forward to an SPG biz card for me and an SPG personal card for the wife and 70k points. Very helpful. Would not have applied if I hadn’t seen your link.

  6. Please be aware that AMEX absolutely will not stand behind their chat reps if they are wrong. I was unsure of the issue surrounding having a second business and getting a second Amex platinum card for it, so I contacted them via chat. Twice they very explicitly stated that I would receive the bonus after I spent $10,000 on the card. No bonus, and when I presented them with their own chat log, they still refused the bonus. I fought with them for 6 months trying to get them to live up to what they told me, in writing. All it got me was plenty of broken promises and an empty membership rewards account.

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