Multiple AMEX cards Twitter SYNC offers is working again! Sweet savings up for grabs.

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One of my favorite things about AMEX cards is the chance to help offset the annual fee for their cards via Twitter SYNC offers. I have blogged before in the “Rookie Wednesday” series that if you are not holding some AMEX card merely because of the annual fee then you are simply not trying hard enough to get value from the card.

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Offer T&C for $10 or 40% off

But for a while AMEX was blocking you if you already had an offer on one card from allowing you to use a 2nd, 3rd and so on Twitter accounts to SYNC other cards you may have for some offer. This, at least when it comes to the current amazing 40% off Carrabba’s offer using / Tweeting #AmexCarrabbas (love that place). I have successfully registered all 5 of my current AMEX credit and charge cards for this offer that is good through the end of May.

In regards to this offer, when I go to the restaurant with my wife I will simply ask for split checks. It is not that hard, with a tiny carafe of wine and a meal (plus tip and tax) to spend $25 each and then I will use one card to pay for each of our meals getting $10 off on each one. That is just so simple and a sweet savings (oh and there happens to be a Simon Mall just around the corner from my Carrabba’s as well  #Winning)!

So once again, if you do not TWEET, it is time for you to get with it. I have said again and again having access to @DeltaAssist is reason enough alone for you to get with Twitter but if you like saving money and letting AMEX pay you back then this is yet one more reason to get with the times!

Does this mean all the offers are now working? We shall see but I tested on a few cards that #AmexQantas offer for $400 back on $2000 in spend and that worked fine. Personally I think it was just some kind of bug that prevented the multi-card registration from working for a period of time as this has worked for a long time in the past.

email from amex for using amex twitter sync offer

Lastly will the T&C exclude you from getting the bonus across more than one card when you go to spend for the offer? Each card tends to be unique. I have never had a problem getting a SYNC deal across multiple cards and don’t think you will have any issues either. Before the end of May Lisa & I will surely visit Carrabba’s at least twice and should be able to net out $40 off at least. By the time I leave the parking lot of the restaurant I should get an email from AMEX alerting me that I have just spent the required amount and soon will receive the credit. – René




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  1. The other work around this is to open several pages on your browser and have each of your Amex card in a separate page. Then add the same offer to each card in each page. It always worked for me. If you only open one page, as soon as you add the offer to one card it will no longer be available to add to the second one.

  2. Great post for us newbees! Do co-branded Amex cards (SPG, Delta, etc) qualify here?

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