Earn 18,000 FREE KLM Flying Blue points for Trip Advisor surveys per year!

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Sign-Up Bonuses

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18K Flying Blue FREE per year? Yes please!

This is an interesting idea to drum up use of Trip Advisor. This link is from the Flying Blue news site (that is in English) but the link to take part is all in Dutch. So, I would suggests you use a browser like Google Chrome that can translate the page over to English.

flying blue trip advisor 2

Thank you Google Translate!

This promo seems very straight forward and is simple to sign up for. You use either your Google+ or Facebook profile to log in and then get to work reviewing places you have been on TripAdvisor.

flying blue trip advisor 3

That was simple!

The page say it is to be in Dutch but TripAdvisor brings up places near where I live and has points for just about everything. I tested one review and it seemed to award me points. Not sure how long it takes for them to dump over to my Flying Blue account or if they even will but I will test this for now.

email says I am registerd

Translation = I am registered.

If I can score even 12,500 points a year that is enough for me to get a LEVEL 1 award (one-way) per year flying on Delta metal for just using this site to add some reviews to TripAdvisor. That works for me! – René

Also – Need a FlyingBlue account? 3,000 bonus points for joining and flying possible HERE!





  1. This is a bust – reviews need to be in Dutch:

    From the FAQ:
    Q: Can I submit reviews than Dutch in another language?
    A: You can submit reviews in all languages supported by TripAdvisor, but you can only earn Award Miles with reviews in Dutch.

  2. @Claus – I am getting points in English 🙂
    Perhaps we need to google translate the reviews as well. I am willing to do that! 🙂

  3. Geweldige deal. Nu kan iedereen SkyMiles krijgen tegen een prijs die gelijk is aan hun waarde !

    EDIT from Rene per Google translate that says: Great deal . Now anyone can get SkyMiles at a price equal to their value!

  4. How many points do you get per review? Seems to be a missing critical piece of info. I wonder if you could write in English, google translate to Dutch and then post!

  5. @Tom – I have seen from 20 points to 150. I am going to test both ways and report back. I am sure others will as well. For free, I can tinker a bit. If it works, great, if not, it was fun trying! 😉

  6. I only see 20 mile offers on TripAdvisor. 150 miles could motivate me but not 20, I tried various restaurants, hotels and attractions in different US and international cities.

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