Los Angeles to San Antonio Texas 1st class $449 & 9548MQMs at 4.7CPM Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Sign-Up Bonuses

ita lax to dtw to sat rt

Other dates could work for a little more!

delta-com lax dtw sat rt day run 1st

OK Delta is just giving away 1st class tickets and status at these prices. This is just nuts with a HUGE HT to FT for the find!

You can do this two ways. The cheapest is a redeye and back so 24hrs not stop 1st class flying. Yeah not so hard. Or, if you want to overnight, you can do that too for a few bucks more!

Here are the lowest numbers:

Cost: $449 in 1st class

9,548 MQMs at 4.7 CPM

Redeye Bookable on Delta.com via Kayak.com link HERE

Overnight Bookable on Delta.com via Kayak.com link HERE

I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your Delta.com SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Delta.com. Very simple! – René



  1. René,

    I hate to look like a n00b after all these years but these cheap short-haul F MRs won’t do me any good if I no longer have status and can’t meet the MQD requirements, right? (I don’t know my overall spend on CC’s but it’s probably just over half of the Silver limit, if I were to hazard a guess)

  2. @Riot Nrrrd™ – Keep in mind dates. Mothership must or should publish elite changes. I have locked in 2017 Diamond status. Others are working on that. As far as 2018, total guessing game but I am pushing for that and my 1MM status.

  3. Your comment about waiting 365+ days for additional bonus on business cards, I thought that was changed to once per lifetime along with the personal cards

  4. I love a good mileage run! I once did one from Dallas to Portland, was only an 18 hour turnaround so I explored as much of Portland as I could.

    Got me Platinum on AA for 1.5 years!

    I don’t mind a quick turnaround in San Antonio though…not much to do there :).

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