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I really don’t understand Delta’s new TV commercials. Can someone explain them to me?

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runway RSW on Delta Air Lines jet RenesPoitns blog

Just as a point of reference, I received my bachelors degree in business from IU majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Management. Yes, way back then, they had TV commercials too. But I just don’t understand what Delta is trying to do with these new ones. How can any of this mess drive you and me to want to fly Delta and spend money with Delta? Take a look at this new latest “3D” interactive one that came out over the weekend:

OK I agree the new YouTube tech and playing with the video and looking around is new. I like that. But… so what. I look up and see the belly of a Delta jet. K. So? Then we have this one that is just frankly creepy and disturbing (they are coming for us?):

Shudder. Few things make me want to cut up my Delta AMEX card, but ads like that make me think about it. Let’s do one more that gives me a head ache just watching it (sorry if it does it to you):

GO! Yeah, maybe we should think about GO-ing to another airline that does not have freaky and irritating commercials.

You know a Delta commercial that moves me? A commercial that makes me what to fly Delta? One that instills pride in me and makes me like Delta? Take a look:

Yeah that one. That is the kind of commercial I understand from school. One that drives buying behavior and loyalty. Then again, with all the changes at Delta over the years, maybe they are right to simply pump out confusing commercials as confusing flyer’s choices seems to be what they do best! – René




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  1. Agree, René. Delta has made a mockery of the last loyalty commercial you posted.

  2. Christian

    I’m not sure if it’s satire, but there is no last video that I can see, just a black rectangle. Just reloaded, and at least got an oops error. As to what Delta is thinking these days, it’s really tough to say.

  3. As a AZO flyer, I choose AA, but I admit, the ‘why we go’ and ‘tell the world’ commercials actually gave me goose bumps. I don’t know why, but it just spoke to me – as a frequent flier, and the goals/challenges I have in life – and how air travel helps overcome them.

    I was actually a huge fan of these commercials….

  4. Methinks that somehow Delta has a new ad agency that is trying to be “cool”, contemporary – whatever…..and it isn’t working. ( the Jennifer Anniston ads for Emirates are both ironic and fun – at least they entertain…) I think these ads reflect Delta PR folks -luckily not the great FAs and pilots…..

  5. Sean from Lithonia GA

    “Tell The World” is a work of art. I get goosebumps as well… and the good kind.

    “Tell The World” doesn’t necessarily make you want to fly Delta, it make you want to fly. Using the sound you hear before takeoff when you are thinking about your destination. The sense of awe as you are about to race off the Earth several miles high at an unfathomable groundspeed. The images they show of people experiencing incredible things far from home juxtaposed with the sound reminds you that these things are not possible without an airline. And when making a choice in that, you will subliminally remember who made you feel that way.

    Delta isn’t saying “Hey! Come fly with us because we have low prices and fast planes!”… they are shaping their brand as being more regal than the rest. They don’t need to beg just as supermodels don’t need to convince people to sleep with them. You achieve this by having a far better product. Then you just subtly show it off.

  6. rene

    @Sean – Well I am happy the ads are giving you goosbumps as they make me ill. I like ads that do make me want to be loyal and buy Delta but I guess that is just me.

  7. Elizabeth

    I think we all know Delta doesn’t care about its’ loyal customers anymore despite the billion times they say they do. How could they show a commerical like that anymore? Upgrades are a joke.

  8. Rene, you’re way too old school. The type of advertising you’re looking for is called direct marketing but these commercials by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and NYC are brand advertising aiming to communicate the excitement of flying for a purpose and that it’s not a chore but a a joy to take off. Much like how UA claims to own the friendly sky.

    Additionally the 360-degree video is just cool to view and engage in. Lufthansa has been churning out a lot of those for social media and experiential marketing.

    Lastly, W+K brought “Just do it” for Nike, “Open happiness” for Coke, the revamped Old Space with the hunky football player and more. Just visit their site to see their portfolio and you’ll see why they’re one of the best ad agencies in the world.

  9. rene

    @Ben – OK, but how does any of this (that) drive buying behavior. With UA, since they are horrid, the tag Flyer-UNfriendly has stuck. I know with Delta UP it ended up as a joke as well with all sorts of UP jokes. I guess GO jokes are next.

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