Delta’s new 757-200(OW) mods for 1st, Comfort Plus & overhead “cabin” dividers. My new favorite C+ seating section.

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left side front row comfrot plus delta 757-200 renespoints blog

Love this front row of C+

When you have to be stuck in a coach seat, and that includes Comfort Plus or C+ seats, having one that allows you to stretch into the first class cabin is nice on any aircraft. Not only do you most times get more leg room, but you can at times grab the attention of the 1st class cabin crew to help you with whatever you need.

Delta new 757-200H first class and comfort plus seats with cabin divider overhead

Screen shot from seatmap

This week on my return from the Arizona desert and an amazing visit to an aircraft boneyard (more to come soon) I had a chance to experience the newly upgraded interiors on the Delta 757-200(OW). I was in first class, and those seats are very much like the ones in the 737-900ER I reviewed here so you can see what they look like if you wish.

tilt screen ife delta 757-200 slim line 1st class seats renespoints blog

Tilt screen is so much better than fixed!

They are the new stock Delta slim-line 1st class seats with the exception of the upgraded tilt screens that is a much needed little change as when the seat in front of you does recline the screen can be very hard to see.

simple to reach power delta 1st class 757-200 renespoints blog

Also a quick mention of power as it is in front of you, not under you as in many jets, and simple to reach but here you only have standard power. If you want USB power you will have to have a converter or use the power port on / under the IFE screen as you see above.

left side new overhead divider 1st class to comfort plus delta renespoints blog

click any photo for full screen

But the real star of this new modification is the private-ish new Comfort Plus section on this jet. Notice the new overhead divider that has replaced what is often either a small curtain, a large curtain or a solid wall depending on what Delta aircraft you are on or the configurations.

right side new comfort plus to first class divider delta renespoints blog

I really love this new clean, sleek and functional concept. As critical as I am of Delta for putting the exact same seat in Comfort Plus as the rest of coach, this new “cabin” divider is brilliant and accomplishes visually what Delta has wanted, that is, a shift from one product to the next to the next. I put cabin in quotes as Delta is not really promoting it as a different product (because it is not) but just a branded experience.

leg room front row comfort plus delta 757-200 renespoints blog

My, look at the leg room!

I want you to take a look at all that leg room. How wonderful! Plus, since the cabin divider is only above your head, you can utilize the 1st class seat back for storage as well as under seat storage.

smaller overheads in 1st vs comfort plus delta 757-200 new interiors renespoints blog

Also notice the new overhead storage. Other than row 5 in 1st class, the bins are larger in Comfort plus than in most of 1st class. I see this both as a perk and a drawback. What I fear you will find (and I saw happen) is that as 1st class boards with large bags they will have to fill up some of your section before you get there. A reason to be Diamond to board with 1st class!

Overall I love this new mini-cabin just in front of the boarding door. Not only for all the perks I have shown above but you also get to deplane first with 1st class as well (you have to move before they can after all).

The only warning I would have is the right side back row is against the lavatory and has some limited recline (and you will hear the noise more). At the same time, there should be no issue fully reclining your seat (that you can) as there is no one behind you. I may have to fly that once to test what I think.

Have you had a chance to fly this newly remodeled Delta 757 and test the mini-Comfort Plus cabin? Did it feel different to you? – René





  1. Love the new look. Hate that there’s less first class seats. Do you remember how many there were (26)? Now, there’s only 20.

  2. I flew it a few weeks back ATL-DTW in the C+ mini-cabin. It was fantastic. It really felt different.

    I was in 15C and A and B found the glass divider a bit difficult to avoid hitting as they got up.

    Generous bin space is a plus, too.

  3. I don’t get what’s special about the divider. It’s between first class and comfort plus. There’s always been some divider between first class and the class behind it.

    Putting a divider between comfort plus and economy would be noteworthy, but unless I’m missing something don’t see it here.

  4. @Greg G – Similar on the way for that. If you have experienced full curtain you will appreciate difference

  5. Flew this Sunday night, DTW-FLL. Flight was mostly empty except for First Class (complimentary upgrades!).

    Loved the product, and your assessment of the overhead bins is spot on. The FAs told me that while it’s great for passengers, the configuration does reduce the galley space for them to work.

    I had rows 16 and 17 entirely to myself. One thing to note is that 17A does not recline, as it is considered an exit row.

  6. Just beware…the lady sitting next to me hit her head on the overhead divider with her head when she stood up and put a gash in her forehead. She needed ice to stop the swelling.

  7. Got bumped from 15 A for a passenger with a service dog and needed the added space to 17C – across from the LAV – avoid at all costs! I was constantly bumped by those coming and going – even worse than a regular aisle seat and the odor was nauseating. Also, no recline since it’s must be considered an exit row. The FA seats back up to row 17 A/B/C.

  8. @Dr. John This plane has existed for a while.. It’s not new. Except for the divider. was recently on one from ATL-FLL-ATL. This is the plane they will be using on the flight from MSP-KEF.

  9. Been on it a bunch of times. I find the 1st class configuration to be extremely cramped and the pitch has been reduced. They’ve also narrowed the aisles, which makes it even worse.

  10. Hi Rene, would you recommenced 15C & 15D over 18D & 18E? DL says row 18 doesn’t recline and it may feel more cramped even in the row of two. Your photos make row 15 quite appealing on the 757D/757H. Thanks

  11. Thanks Rene. I’m never too bothered by a ‘line’ or people hanging around, but if that is a concern (or smell) *and* it doesn’t recline I think we’ll stick to row 15 since it looks pretty nice in the photos.

    Glad to see DL invest in their 757s. The US 757s are long in the tooth, but the LAA ones they are being turned into aren’t much better tbh.

    Appreciate it!

  12. On a 757, there is no lavatory noise or odor. The jet uses the older chemical toilets, which actually have a pleasant smell. They also stunk the lavatory, so none of the reclining issues are a problem.

  13. Anybody have picture of row 15 economy comfort 757 200( OW) re-tractable Video Screens? no seat backs on this row….hard to find

  14. Hi all. Has anyone confirmed if the Row 18 2-seater on this version of the Delta 757 has limited recline? seatmap says yes, but seatguru doesn’t mention anything. Thanks for your help!

  15. If you have the window seat and the other passengers are using video monitor, is it difficult to exit row 15?

  16. Do note book this plane as first class/business. The first cabin is small, crowded with sub-standard seating – sold to you at the high first/ business price.

    Poor seating, etc. I will never fly this aircraft again.

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