Tonight’s HOOU winners + some other smart reasons to print your coupons before flight!

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where the numbrer is for the delta FA to put into Skypro unit

Here is where you find your HOOU number!

I have to say I am not at all shocked that the vast majority of respondents had no clue about the value of printing your HOOU coupons rather than relying on the digital only ones in the Fly Delta APP. But one more good reason was brought up by a Delta FA who I follow on twitter. Notice this:

smart idea to put number into hand unit GST tool

This is a great idea! Thanks

So even if you do use the digital HOOU coupon, the GST that is Guest Service Tool as we as travelers know it (Skypro as they know it) does not always read correctly.

The simple solution is to recommend Delta FAs to simply type in the HOOU coupon number in the Skypro unit manually and this same idea should work on CRJ200 flights as well. So, you could take digital photos of the printed or PDF printed coupons and still have them digitally in your phone but now as an image rather than as an APP coupon. Just an idea to save trees 🙂 But do know these digital ones are NOT what Delta tells you to do so an FA may refuse if they don’t want to be as helpful as the one above. Ah Delta rules.

But now on to our 5 winners of 2 HOOU coupons each per are: 16, 22, 90, 42 & 82

Congratulations to our winners. I will reach out to you soon via e-Mail. For the rest of us, be sure to take the advice to heart to print, one way or the other, when you are going to fly either Delta mainline jets or Delta partner jets like a CRJ200 and you want to spend your HOOU coupons! – Rene



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