Thankfully this Delta CRJ700 with just 2 rows of 1st class seats is NOT going to become standard! (Phew).

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skywest delta crj700 with only 2 rows of 1st class seats

This is a Delta CRJ700 you should AVOID!

A reader e-mailed me the other day in panic about finding on a CRJ700 with only two rows of 1st class as well as two rows of C+ seats. Distressing? You bet. Personally I find both the CRJ700 and CRJ900 first class seats to be some of the best Delta has (and they are not even “real” Delta jets as they are flown by connection carriers).

Delta-Connection-CRJ900-1st-class-seat-RenesPoints blog

But I can see why finding this on would upset my reader. Especially so after I posted over five months ago (and Delta at last updated on the PR NEWS HUB this month) about the official changes to ALL of the Delta CRJ700s.

So to set the matter straight I reached out and was told by Michael Thomas of Delta that:

“SkyWest will operate 4 CRJ-700s in this configuration for Delta for a few months before they are modified to meet Delta’s standard CRJ-700 seating configuration. These four aircraft will operate on limited markets primarily out of SLC [Salt Lake].”

So the good news is this is not some hidden or secret new awful configuration that we can look forward to in the future. These will be changed over along with the rest of the CRJ700s as time allows for modifications. The only bad news is that if you fly out of Salt Lake you will want to be careful when booking or a schedule change happens that you don’t pick this jet or what row you choose if you upgrade. For now, stick with row 1 or 2 if your upgrade clears as row 3 could result in a bump down to coach if this bird is swapped in for what you had before.

Anyway, crisis averted and I have to say I am thrilled this will NOT be some kind of new standard for CRJ700 Delta partner flights! – René



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  1. Sounds like they might be moving the four CRJ-700s from United Express to Delta Connection. The UA configured 700s only have six seats in first.

  2. It’s interesting to me how Delta was so quick to add this seat map for aircraft not even in service yet, but they have yet to provide an updated CRJ 700 seat map with the new configuration even though there are around 15ish already in service. C’mon Delta get with it

  3. GEG-SEA last week I had this happen to me. I had 3A and the plane showed up with two FC rows. The gate agent did not know and was very confused. She said she did not look in the plane when it arrived. Her screen showed three rows but had row 3 full. I ended up in 1D (unhappy moment). Confusing moment for all.

  4. Still praying for the day the 200s are history. (as I sit at PIA waiting for my delayed chariot 200. )

  5. Great! I noticed the same thing and was VERY curious I reach out to DL a week ago.

    I asked why the DNH article said 16 C+ seats and the new seat map said 8?!

    RE: Case Number 19040455

    Thank you for contacting us through We are sorry for the
    delay in responding to your message.

    The article is correct, however please note the aircraft upgrade is over
    an 18 month period. Currently, only 15 jets have been modified, we do
    not have a timeline when the updated jets will be in the (removed)

    We appreciate your interest in Delta Air Lines.

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