$25 Carrabba’s gift card & Delta HOOU giveaway & a sad #AdiosAMIGO to @DosEquis “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

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the Most Interesting Man in the World and upgrades

From Twitter – Dos Equis

Time to have some Sunday fun. But this time it will take MORE than just our standard Random.org to win. First the contest and what I need from you.

You may or may not know it but the Dos Equis front man, a.k.a. The Most Interesting Man in the World, is being replaced after over a decade of promoting a beer I really like. Recently on twitter they put up a fun tweet you see above. Well, I think we can do even better.

So, I want you to come up with travel related (i.e. air, hotel, etc.) memorable quotes to send him on his way. I will then pick the “top 10” for next Sunday and let you, the readers, VOTE on them. For example, “He has access to every airline lounge in the world” (no you can’t use that one).

renes points carrabbas and delta hoou giveaway

The first place winner will receive a $25 Carrabba’s gift card as well as 4 Delta HOOU coupons. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive 2 Delta HOOU coupons. Again based on your votes next Sunday.

The tiny little rules. You must live in the USA i.e. have a USA mailing address. You can submit as many comments below for “The Most Interesting Man in the World” travel type slogans you want before Saturday April 3rd at 5PM when I pick the top 10 for the Sunday post.

That’s it; have fun and be creative & “Stay Thirsty my friends“! – René




  1. This man can buy any airline he likes…… and he just might! Now THAT will be interesting!!!

  2. He got diamond elite status after one flight by sending a picture of himself in a middle seat to Richard Anderson.

  3. He understands Delta’s Global Upgrade algorithms – because he wrote them during a wild bender with top execs.

  4. He received million miler status after 500,000 miles. He is the most interesting man in the world.

  5. He has a booth permanently reserved in the disco on Soul Plane. He is the most interesting man in the world.

  6. Even though he checks in alone, turn down service always leaves another mint on the extra pillow on his bed.

  7. When he flies, ITA Matrix* re-arranges flights and hotels to fit HIS schedule. He is the most interesting….

    * and Orbitz, Kayak & ….

  8. He knows who the Air Marshal is on every Flight he boards.
    Airline Pilots ask him for the cockpit door code.
    Hotels never advise him of the checkout time..as a matter of fact he never checks in he just goes to his room.
    An Airline once delayed take off for an hour because it forgot to bring his Dos Equis on board.
    Passengers booked in First Class always offer him their seats, but he isn’t even on that flight, he is just at the boarding gate.
    TSA never asks him for his boarding pass & I.D,never ask him what’s in his carry on and never asks him to remove his shoes and throw away the cup of 24oz beer in his hand.

  9. His saver F award tickets always fly non stop and even when they dont. the pilots divert to his destination, just to see him ride off into the sunset.

  10. He gets upgraded at Hilton Hotels without having to beg like DCS! He is the most interesting man in the world!

  11. When he flies to Mars, Delta caps his earning at 75K Skypesos on a 33 million MQM flight; and even as the only passenger, his GUC won’t clear thanks to FCM. He *is* the most interesting man in the world, but he is no match for Shena.

  12. He outbid Anbang and Marriott for Starwood. The selling price? A wink. He is the most interesting man in the world.

  13. He is a man of many traits but always flies private. He gets free flights with the grin of his smile.

  14. He does not always travel by sky, but when he does, he flies the plane, not the pilot. He is…

  15. [] When the Explorer’s Club was asked why they travel to the most exotic and difficult destinations, they replied, “Because he’s there.”

    [] When he’s on board, no one cares if the flight is on schedule, even the pilots.

    [] Planes ask for clearance to HIS gate.

    [] Virginia is for Lovers, but the World Loves Him

    [] What happens in Vegas, wished it happened with him.

  16. Hotels have named Suites for him where he has never stayed, He Is….

    Typo on the first one!

  17. He is Diamond Elite, doesn’t know how he got there, yet maintains status every year!

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