Fly Delta APP 3.8 fixes super irritating bug & ads multi-city search (but just as broken as on

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bug gone with same airport code both fields


I am thrilled. No I am beyond thrilled! What has made me so happy today you ask? Simply this. If you fly Delta a bunch like I do you are constantly using the Fly Delta APP for all sorts of things. Like what?

Like checking your incoming flight, if your upgrade has cleared (yeah, a bit less than last year) and if a better seat has opened up. But one of the big things we do is search for flights either for a new one or often times if there are issues what other flights we could take from A-B (i.e. we do one way searches).

But one of the most FRUSTRATING bugs EVER was that if you happened to have the same city code up on the screen at the same time (happens often) before you had a chance to change it you got a pop-up box saying something like “YOU IDIOT, YOU CAN NOT FLY TO AND FROM THE SAME CITY.” Then, you had to close that and type some other random city before you could fix the other one and change it to the city you want. It made me want to toss my cell phone at the bulkhead wall. 🙁

If you notice the screen shot above you will see with the 3.8 update you can have the same city in both fields and not have the irritating pop-up tell you the obvious. Thank you Delta. Truly you have no idea how much this little fix means to me! Thank you!

fly delta app 3-8 upgrade adds multi city booking tool that does not work

Busted Multi-City search Fly Delta 3.8

The next big feature is multi-city booking. Seems like a good idea but you should all know multi-city booking on Delta.dumb is completely busted for most searches and low and behold it is just as busted in the Fly Delta APP. No surprise.

Plus, even when it shockingly does work, you are not smart using it as Cranky Flier points out that you could end up overpaying vs booking many one way trips.

So kids, when it comes to paid tickets or awards AVOID the multi-city tool online or in the APP. Search leg by leg (see E7 posts) and then call Delta or use to find the best route and let that dump over to (on paid tickets, not awards)! – René



  1. Rene, this post reminded me of a related topic. I enjoyed your post on use of the Delta app to track flights. I’d like to read of other ways to use the Delta app more productively. As a frequent user, I’m sure you have other tips and suggestions that might be of interest to us all.
    Thanks. Carol

  2. Rene, I had to chime in because I too was always driven nuts by the “same city” issue on the app., as I fly a lot for business between the same 2 airports. While this change is long overdue, it is a welcome one!!

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