Reminder, more Delta surveys means more SkyBucks for Delta folks. Please fill them out!

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Do you know about SkyBucks?

As a review, take a look at the post from a few years back that extensively covered the SkyBucks Delta employee reward program.

Now that you have reviewed that post, some updates. According to the as well as other sources “we” are much more likely this year to participate in the surveys Delta is sending out after our trips, visits to Sky Clubs or other Delta interactions including flight issues. As many as one in five are now doing so for 2016.

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I always take the time to fill them out. Always! I love that by picking all 5’s that Delta folks can earn real cash from Delta. I even tend to use the “Strive for Five” both to commend Delta folks as well as drop that, on the rare occasion, that they seem to be striving for much less that five’s today. 😉

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Do you fill out the Delta Pulse surveys?

I am sure you have seen the main one question (or seemingly one question) survey we have been getting as of late only to then see there are several more. A smart move by Delta.

I am also told these surveys called “Delta Pulse” are now unified across all of Delta so we are not just talking FAs but (almost) everyone at Delta can earn SkyBucks rewards for “5s” on the surveys. Again, I encourage you to take the time to fill them out. Even when things are not perfect I give 5s where I can and then complain later on in the survey.

Lastly, I always take the time to mention how upset I am over the changes to SkyMiles as well as the ridiculous 16MAY16 changes to C+ on the way. I hope you do as well! – René





  1. I don’t understand. Why would you reward someone who gave you a 1 star experience?

    Also, if the survey is recorded as all 5s then most times the actual comments written in are never looked at by a human since there isn’t any room for improvement. They are going to spend their time looking at comments for surveys which scored low.

  2. ORD Flyer – No, I meant if the DL folks were good or at least OK but another issue was bad, say no power or busted ife etc, then 5s for people but 1s for other stuff. Sorry I did not make that clear.

  3. I am a Platinum member, but I have always deleted the surveys! I did not know that the FA rewards are based on our responses to the surveys. Thank you Renee for pointing this out. Please consider publishing this post regularly as a reminder for your new readers (like me – I found your blog about 3 months ago).

    I will fill out the surveys from now on. Sorry FAs. You do provide excellent service, and you earn your reward.

  4. As one who works professionally with customer satisfaction, these surveys suffer from two common flaws.

    1. STRIVE reflects what is important to Delta, not what is important necessarily to passengers. In other words, it is product driven, not customer driven. It only includes the “known unknowns” and not the “unknown unknowns” from which true market superiority can be achieved.

    2. The 1-5 ordinal scale has limited meaning. First, optimists tend to score on the 4-5 end, pessimists on the 1-3 end, and fence sitters in the middle at 3-4. No one knows what these numbers truly mean. Second, the scale does not have defined intervals. It is like saying 2 Olympic Silver medals = 1 Gold medal. Maybe, maybe not – an ordinal scale cannot tell. Third, because the intervals are not defined, the scores should not be averaged, which is what Delta marketeers will try to do.

    So, filling out the surveys has its most benefit when they ask for a verbal statement as to why you scored something. For that purpose, I always participate.

  5. Really not sure what your C+ comments are about. Sure, it’s annoying to have to select a C+ upgrade after booking, but Platinum and Diamonds are given the “upgrade” immediately after booking provided a C+ seat is available. Meaning the C+ change on May 16 isn’t really a change.

  6. @Elizabeth – You are so cute! Do you really think “upgrade” aka side-grade space will be wide open for long after 16MAY16? Come back to me and tell me this “isn’t really a change” when you can not get your immediate upgrade because half the seats are blocked by REV MGT folks for sale. 🙁

  7. @rene – Several Delta employees have made it clear if a seat in C+ is available for purchase then the “upgrade” is available. Rev mgmt blocking those seats doesn’t seem to make sense. I may not agree with Delta’s idiotic “enhancements” but I don’t find Delta misleads its’ customers.

  8. @Elizabeth – Again, you clearly have no clue how REV MGT works. Try to use a RU or GU cert and you will VERY fast find the entire cabin may be open for sale an ZERO NO NADA seats open for upgrades. Delta DOES block seats for sale vs upgrade and anyone foolish enough to think this will not happen to C+ seats is living in a dream world.

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