Delta SkyMiles Europe award sale. Win a PVT jet trip. Delta A321 VS/& CS300 & other news!

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Hello Ben!

I have been swamped all day today and just now getting time to sit down and get a post up and my timing is good as there has been some interesting news today. Take a look:

  • Delta partner China Eastern is expanding. Interesting. Delta should be upset at state owned airlines doing this. Wait, never mind, Delta owns part of “MU” so all is well. Phew. Now the ME3, they are still evil right? 🙁
  • You can win a chance to ride on a PVT jet HERE. You only have to leave a comment but if you comment “I LOVE RenésPoints blog” and if you happen to win, I will send you a $50 gift card to pay for whatever as you enjoy the trip! 😉
  • If you think Delta is going to lower fares this year you may want to think again. It seems they ARE willing to park jets to keep prices high and jets 100% (or almost 100%) full. Good times!
  • Delta has a new Twitter presence ONLY for NYC called @DeltaNY. Well now, are they going to open up ones for all the HUB cities? Hate to say @DeltaLA is taken but maybe they can buy it as well as others. Humm.. anyone going and setting up new twitter accounts today? 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone and stay tuned for Monday’s post. You are not going to like it but it is Delta info you need to know about! – René



  1. @Patti – Thank you so much but to win click on the link in the post! I am not giving away the PVT jet ride.

  2. Sweet- snagged a non-stop Delta One RT to Germany Mid July 105K skypesos and 118 dollars. Incredible availability at 105K in August and October too, thinking of a nice fall trip- burn em as you earn em. Delta made somebrownie points with me for this one. Thanks for the head’s up Rene.

  3. Just flew China Eastern this week on 6 hour overnight flight from Indonesia to Shanghai. Delta has no worries (other than transfer process in PVG) China Eastern has a very, very long way to go to compete with ME3 or even Delta.

  4. “I LOVE RenésPoints blog”
    I would feel so cheap and like an “I enter everything just to win stuff” person if I did not comment beyond the obligatory credo. So yes, I am a loyal follower of Renés blog but not just because I think I might win something. I do believe the blog provides an interesting and valuable service. Keep up the good work!

  5. Personally I loved the China Eastern filghts I did a couple weeks ago. I flew the 777 from YYZ to PVG and then on to SYD on the A330. On that 14+ hour flight to Shanghai I was in business class, row 8, which has no window. On the way back I asked if there was a window seat available and they said no, business class was full. They did change my seat at boarding…… to 1A. Don’t think Delta would ever do that!! The first class experience was wonderful, but their business class was great too. Food was good, service was good, no complaints!

    Rene, too bad I didn’t see your ‘offer’ till after I posted my comment for the promotion. 🙂

  6. Thanks for pointing out the sale! I checked my inbox and in fact, Delta had a email out about the sale, it’s available until 21 April ! I was bummed, as I had booked 3 Tickets on the new DTW-MUC flight back when it was announce, but a quick call to the Elite line and the difference was back in my account with no other changes! Thanks to you for letting us know and Thanks to Delta for Rebooking at the 105K level.

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