A RenésPoints PodCast about Delta Regional Upgrades – What you really must know!

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be sure to keep checking for your Delta regional upgrade to clear

YES! I will be in 1st class – thank you!

Welcome to a first ever attempt at a PodCast. This may not work as it should but I wanted to test the waters with today’s post. So take a listen and see what you think:

tweet about medallion line renespoints

Click the “play” button to enjoy today’s RenésPoints PodCast!

I have also included a few shots that expand on what I am talking about in the narrative. I have to tell you I am all about my upgrades and will use the Delta system and perks (and tech) to make sure you and I are the ones who attain each and every upgrade we can (without doing the shameful act of paying for it – no matter what the price).

an example of being able to select a 1st class seat when your RU or GU cert has cleared delta renespoints blog

YES! This is what you want to see!

Again, please comment below if you enjoyed today’s audio post and you would like to see more of these on Sunday posts now and then! – René



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  1. Good podcast but the suggestion didn’t work
    I am platinum , have regional upgrade certificate to use, was wait listed
    Seat in business opened up on mirrored map. I spoke with multiple nice Delta reps who all said upgrade could only be confirmed at gate or with certain class of service . I have economy comfort purchased X CLASS

  2. @Art – Did the seat turn RED as shown in the screen shot? If not, it had not opened up. If it DID turn RED then HUCB as next rep should confirm you. As to the fare class, they are blowing you smoke! As long as not E class, class does NOT matter.

  3. Rene,
    Loved the podcast. Sunday morning podcasts would really be enjoyed by this reader (or listener)….

  4. I am actually quite surprised that someone with as much Delta experience as you would not have realized by now that dealing with a male customer service agent on the Diamond line will lead to nothing but extreme pain and deep regret. As soon as I hear a man’s voice pick up, I am out of there. HUCB immediately. I am not sure why each and every one is more incompetent then the previous man. As opposed to the women reps, the overwhelming majority of whom are tremendous. My suspicion is that the Diamond line is used as a training ground for men on the fast track in Delta corporate. It’s where they develop and hone their skills in how to truly appreciate our loyalty, and how to profoundly mess up things that were great until they got involved.

  5. This was a great idea (podcast). There are so many times when I cannot read something (when exercising or driving for examples) but I listen to podcasts. I think this was super.

    Although I have always been a Diamond and a Platinum before that (4 million miler), I still have so much to learn from you. Grover

  6. I love the podcasts in the specially enjoyed it from Nassau on a cruise ship. Every Sunday would be wonderful.

  7. Great post/podcast Rene! Keep it up. I happen to be in AUS as well early this week. Where are you heading for BBQ?
    Maine Big Daddy

  8. No, the first class seat that is open did not turn red when I clicked it under the change seat screen
    The message came up that it wasn’t in my fare class and my 12c seat stayed red, The business class seat stayed White
    IS there anything else that i can do?

  9. @Art – As mentioned, click often but since you fly soon you may just be stuck with airport waitlist but you should be #1 with RU applied.

  10. Rene,
    way to go! I agree with Grover who commented that the podcast format is great to have when exercising or driving, etc. It is hard to keep up reading all emails. You made it super simple.

  11. @Nathan – This is the first attempt ever so one step at a time. I do not even know how to offer it on iTunes or other locations. But since so many seem to enjoy the PodCast I think it will make a return now and then on Sundays!

  12. Loved the podcast! More please! Great info as Delta does not always let you know when upgrades have cleared. I have accidentally found myself upgraded as well when looking at the seating chart.

  13. Thank you for clearing this mystery up…..
    Last Wednesday I was traveling from DTW to BWI and tried to board when the GA said to me Congratulations you received C+ and I said no I have been upgraded to first class seat 3B over six days ago? The GA said step aside and go over there. So I spoke to another agent and she said my travel agent called this morning and down graded me…. I said This has never happen before and then proceeded to put me back in to first class and move the poor Gold out of my seat. I boarded and found this person and said I was sorry for this and explained what in deed happen to me. Later I contact my travel agent and got the VP and she said No it was a computer issue with Delta… Who to believe?

  14. Loving the podcasstttt duuuuuuuuuude. Could you upload it to something that can be listened on the phone? 😀 Keep it goinggg

  15. Renee – Thought the podcast sounded great! I’m Delta Platinum and use RUCs all the time, AND did not know about the seat selection trick. Great insight. It is amazing how un-automated the certificates are. Ironically I think it helps the more educated of the Delta FFers get their F seat upgrades.

  16. I can now select seats in the shadow seat map for a leg I was wait listed for RUCs but when I call I’m told that they haven’t cleared. I’ve spoken to three agents now and they’ve all told me the same thing. These flights were just hit by schedule change Saturday so could that be confusing things?

  17. @rene They do change color when I select (they go red like they do when selecting a seat normally), I get an error when trying to save:

    “One or more of your requested seats are no longer available and could not be assigned. Please review your current seats and reselect if desired.

    So from all your descriptions the upgrade has cleared but three different agents, after HUCB, have told me they haven’t cleared.

  18. @Adam – Yep if they change color they should be cleared. Keep trying. It could be schedule change related.

  19. @rene Seems like five is my lucky number, the fifth agent I spoke to confirmed that the upgrades had cleared. Thanks for the advice!

  20. So here I am trying to buy an LAX to JFK ticket ALL the first class seats are shown as available in that flight. I call the elite line they tell me there is not a SINGLE seat available for certificate. What is the deal?

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