This week’s RenésPoints PodCast on Delta bumps, vouchers & how to maximize them all!

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Time for a second attempt at weekly PodCast. Again, be kind to me I am mostly just playing with this idea and enjoying it and hope you do too.

Not too long ago PBS had a piece on how “How Delta masters the game of overbooking flights“. Well, I think we can beat them at their own game if we are willing to stand firm as notice the key part in that piece from the Delta rep that getting the aircraft out on time is what matters NOT the price of the bump! Please keep that important point in mind! Take a listen to this week’s PodCast.



As you are listening I have some links to share that you may want to click on as you list to the PodCast as I reference them in the discussion.

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So there you are one more Sunday PodCast. Again, I hope you enjoyed this one and as mentioned please be sure to mention any topics you would like me to cover in further PodCasts. Also, when I can find the time, I will look into the options of uploading these to iTunes and other places but I have tested just playing these right from my phone and it does work so for now that should work for you too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. – René


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  1. Renee, wondering about how you would have handled this situation —
    Start of mileage run, positioning flight DTW to DFW. My 8:35 flight looked to be full, possibly oversold and was 3rd on upgrade list for 2 seats. Later flights also extremely full so bumping might not have been an option in order to make my early afternoon flights to SFO. Did notice on website that plenty of room on 7:20 flights, including business class. Arrived at airport about 6:30. Figured gate agent for my flight would not be there yet, so ticket agent able to switch me to earlier flight with instant upgrade. Unfortunately meant no additional money for me but at least I received the upgraded seat.
    Suggestions for future situations? I am trying to think ahead when scheduling flights to leave flexibility to take advantage of bumpertunities. I suspect booking tickets on earliest flights out might be a smart move?

  2. @Carol – I am a bit greedy and tend to work for bumps. If you are going to bump, make sure they are willing to help with other Delta flights. They can then rebook you if need be to other flights to get to where you want to go. One good bump can pay for a run in full then lower MQMs are just fine.

  3. SoundCloud as platform for upload? They let you embed in WordPress 🙂 and it’s nice. (and you can count the plays)

  4. 3:38-3:40 mixing the clips, and the beginning too… 🙁

    Great podcast this time too!! Keep it goinggggggg

  5. Rene-big fan of the blog! I have a question for you-when getting bumped on delta today, is it possible to volunteer for a bump WITH the caveat they put you in FC on next avail flight AND give a travel/cash voucher? I’m only asking because Back in the 90’s when flying was still “fun” in coach, My family and I became somewhat expert hands at VDB. We used to volunteer every year (generally during busy school vacation periods) to get bumped in BOS on our way to TPA/MCO etc. We’d EACH get a free ticket (one way 48 states iirc) AND be booked in first class on the next flight. One bump iirc got the three of us ROUNDTRIP vouchers before we even reached our destination! First, we’d volunteer for the bump off our nonstop BOS-MCO/TPA (or one stop BOS-ATL-MCO/TPA) which would wind up with us on BOS-LGA or BOS-DCA shuttle in FC, then LGA/DCA-ATL in F, then finally on ATL-TPA (on an L1011 in F!) Those were the Glory days for me as a young avgeek. All of 12 years old, hanging out in cockpits and sitting in 1A or 1L!

  6. After reading your 2013 “FC is not a perk of the bump” post I suppose the question I asked is moot-but I’m curious as to WHY they wouldn’t stick you in F on the next flight even if it’s not full in economy. Does it cost them THAT much to “feed” you if the seat was going out empty anyhow? Things like this and Delta’s 36“ of pitch in domestic first are part of the reason my family switched over to carriers like B6/VX/HA.

  7. @FBWFTW – Yep. But they can say no. I have had a rep in ATL say: 1st free or voucher – you pick (I flew in coach with voucher in pocket)! 😉

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