Please Delta, Stop Giving Us This NASTY Lemon Chicken in 1st Class (Yuck)!

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delta air lines lemon chicken 1st class meal renespoints blog review

Click to see full screen (if you dare)!

Let me ask you, does the above meal look good to you? OK I will agree with you, visually it does not look bad. There is pleasant color on the Zucchini and the salad looks great. But let me tell you this Delta 1st class Lemon Chicken dinner is just awful.

If you happen to be new-ish to the blog let me tell you I am a HUGE fan of Delta food. I have again and again posted about how food in 1st class (and Delta ONE) is one of the things Delta really does right and consistently right. I still stand by my assertion of the cold steak and potato salad dish they used to serve was one of the best meals I have had on an airplane – EVER! Needless to say I am impressed with what Delta offers – most times.

This Lemon Chicken is not one of those times. If the attempt to makes this a healthy meal with the fried vegetables was the point they why all the bland, dry and nasty breading. If you are going to slather breading all over a rather dry piece of chicken then it had better have flavor other than the sensation of sticking a raw lemon in your month during certain bits. Lemon serves much better as a furniture polish than a poultry flavoring.

Then the veggies themselves were sad. I am a “grill guy” so like some char for flavor. But if you are going to have some with char and the rest all but mush you are missing the point. Make them crisp not total mush.

Then lastly it is just dry dry dry. I like some of the chicken dishes Delta makes but they tend to have some kind of sauce to offset the tendency for airline chicken to be dry. Dry breading is not the way.

The best part of this meal was the salad. That had flavor, a nice mix of bits and enough dressing to enjoy. But I did not order a dinner salad, I ordered dinner.

You tell me, have you tried this yuckie Lemon Chicken dinner from Delta? Am I spot on with my review or did you like this shoe leather encrusted lemon blast? – René



  1. Maybe I am the exception here but unless I am starving I will pass on any food served on a domestic airline even if it is on first class. If you have any good taste for food you cannot call anything served on those flights good.

  2. @Santastico – No one would call McD’s “good” but when you are talking fast food a few of the things they make are “good”. Same goes for Delta food. When you are talking airline food, some of what they make is quite “good” (for airline food). See?

  3. Had that lemony dish about a month ago. Not good.
    Anecdote time; This past January the first class food coming out of LIR(to ATL) was so bad that the FA retrieved food off the for-sale cart making its way thru coach.
    Which, BTW, was pretty tasty.

  4. Did you write to DL about it ? If you have not, do it and you may find that they may make up for it in some way . I have had problems with different things with DL on 1st and always got a prompt and courteous response with some compensation ….Bon appettit !

  5. If it makes you feel better the other choice on that flight was a pasta dish that left much to be desired. In other words it’s all bad especially when we were ready for the burgers.

  6. I like the lemon chicken! It is usually pretty tender when Ive been getting it. One thing that some people hate is they cook it with the skin on, but I like it.

    One of my favorite delta dishes is the steak fiesta bowl with guac and sour cream.

  7. I just had this exact same chicken meal and you are right on the money. Visually it looks good but it tasted horrible and salad was the best part. I should of have the 4-cheese ravioli – it looks far better when I glanced at my seatmate.

  8. i think the airlines should give an option for food. like save $x if you decline the food service. not only will passengers save some money but the food won’t be wasted. i hate it when i get something i don’t like and it goes straight to trash.

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