What do you think about the Delta A320 “Mods”? Pivot bins, overhead controls & more?

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delta flight 1234 out of gate 5 aus to slc renespoints blog

Ever been on flight 1234, gate 5?

Last week, just before my 3 airplane 4 hour delay in Salt Lake, I got to ride up from Austin on flight 1234 at gate 5 (yeah, kinda funny). I also got to ride on one of the new “Mods” of the A320(OW) that Delta flies.

new Delta A320(ow) pivot bins renespoints blog

Blue lights & pivot bins!

One of the things you will notice right away that is VERY different is the new larger pivot bins. They seem HUGE and even have helpful stickers to tell you how you are to put your bags in to maximize space. The only issue I seemed to see was they are a bit harder to close for FAs when really loaded so if you can try to help them out by closing full bins, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

new overhead is horrable on Delta A320(ow) RenesPoints blog

I am not impressed with these

One thing I am not that impressed with is the new overhead controls on this A320. Notice the light button? Yes it is lit up where it is but it is also VERY tiny and not that simple to find. What is VERY simple to find is the DING button and I found folks hitting it often rather than the light button. Not the best design IMO.

power in front of you 1st class Delta A320(ow) RenesPoints blog

YES! Front power.

What is great is having power right in front of you (standard power as well as USB). I hate having to squirm around under my seat to find power and many times those under seat ones are just nasty. This is so much better. Only one outlet but with my handy splitter I was just fine (love this thing)!

breakfast sandwich delta 1st class renespoints blog

Delta 1st class tray – most of the way! 🙁

Overall I like the slim line seats Delta has gone with but just wish the tray table was long enough to span the entire seat. Even with my tray “fix” tip you are left floating on the one side and the only good fix is to prop the pillow under the tray. Again, not the best design.

Have you had a chance to fly the new MOD for the A320? Do you like the changes? – René



  1. I just flew one last night and overall I really like it. The new overhead bins are awesome and it makes the cabin feel surprisingly roomy, I don’t know how they do it!

    The overhead panels are a terrible design as you mentioned. The light buttons are tiny and really hard to find.

    The seats in coach were padded very well for being slimline seats.

  2. 4/28/2016
    This is my second flight (leg) today from CVG TO SAN THRU SLC
    I asked the flight attendants in the back while waiting for 1 of the 2 lavs and they don’t like that the rear galley is now part of the bathrooms. You should be doing food prep in a standing room only area and having the lavs open and close with passengers coming and going constantly…it worse because they can’t get their service carts past everyone trying to go back to thei seats…whose design was this?…my seats were 26D and 31D on both flights and was Sooo glad that wile armrest was easily lifted up with a button…bins ARE a Great improvement albeit now people are bring bigger stuff on board thus making longer to stow and get seated…not sure where this is going…and yes the reading light is a joke and button small an hard to find…thanks for YOUR post!

  3. @Keith – HUmmm, never thought out the lav / food issue. That is kinda gross when you think about it. Not that galleys are all the clean to start but still. Thanks for comment.

  4. The aptly named Delta 320 “OW” is about a close to any of us will come to being transported on a slave ship. Delta has somehow managed to cram two more rows (12 more seats) on to this boat and have shrunk the rear galley making the two very small toilets, also wedged into the galley area, nearly impossible to enter. I have no idea how the crew gets their work done, particularly if someone wished to use the microscopic lav. Sitting in the back is not at all comfortable even if you never get up. Trying to move the seat back results in your rear end sliding forward with a nearly imperceptible recline. “OW” it right!

  5. I fly Delta PDX TO DTW every 28 days. HATE these A320’sites. Not worth 1st class on these.

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