Has Delta “IT” (sorta) Fixed One of the Most Frustrating Bugs In “My Delta”? Maybe!

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lots of new little ecredits have shown up in mydelta

Are you seeing what I am seeing?

Most times, when you take a bump, the voucher shows up when you go to your “My Delta” and then in the “My Wallet” box click on “Certificates and Credits” (must be logged in to see full list btw). Now you are somewhat limited with just what and how you can use these. For example:

bump voucher rules from delta air lines renespoints blog

Ya gotta know the T&C on these things!

Most Delta e-credit type (and bump) vouchers allow you to use them for you, and someone else with you on the same reservation, but if you try to use them online it tends to pull the credit only for you. So, you must call. You must also call if you want to “try” to get a rep to combine more than one voucher on one ticket for you. This latter bit is sorta against the rules but if you are an elite and have say a few of these piddly vouchers like you see above sometimes a rep will let you use more than one to get rid of them.

But none of that is what I have found interesting today. Again notice the screen shot in the opening of this post. Most times, at least for me, these kinds of tiny left over ticket credits do NOT show up in my “Certificates and Credits” page on Delta.com. I have had to manually keep track of all these old ticket numbers (blurred out in the shot above) if I have wanted to use them. Then, I can call Delta and at payment time feed them the number for the old credit and they can apply that one to my new ticket. Frustrating and nice to see, at least for now, they are showing up so I don’t have to manually track them.

ad to buy delta egift cards on delta-com

I wish these could be tracked!

Now that leaves only one VERY glaring issue I think Delta must fix, that of gift cards or, that is, specially e-Gift cards they strongly promote on the Delta.com home page. You see once they are issued and e-mailed to you they are not track-able ANYWHERE. If you lose the two codes, one for the cert and one for the “pin”, they are just gone. I wish Delta would let you either:

A) Manually add them to your Certificates and Credits page


B) Have them auto-add to your Certificates and Credits page based on the e-mail address you have on file on Delta.com and then use to buy the e-certs.

I have asked Delta about this again and again with no joy. I think one day this non-tracking ability of these types of e-Gift cards will land them in big trouble, but time will tell. I buy a bunch of these each year as the sweet spot for my non-Delta AMEX Platinum cards at $50 each so yes it is a real pain not to have them get lost. But you tell me, have you all of a sudden also seen lots of old e-credits show up on your My Delta page this weekend? – René


  1. This must just be another “…anecdotal frustration”. (Ed Bastian’s May 2nd Airway’s article)

  2. I think you are, once again, mistakenly thinking that DL is primarily interested in customer service. They are only interested in making $$, and will reluctantly provide service only to the extent absolutely necessary to keep and get customers. Is anyone going to refuse to buy the gift certs, much less refuse to fly DL, just because of this issue? No. End of discussion (from their perspective).

    I don’t mean to sound cynical –I’m most sincere. I am sure at their various meetings the people with the “I gave a great new customer service idea” folks immediately have to provide a cost-benefit analysis that proves it will MAKE money for DL.

    And, your complaint also fails to take into account a huge money-maker for DL: a certain percent of those gift certs are lost or forgotten. Making sure they cannot be added to your profile assures a maximum number of certs will go unused. THAT is one of their goals. Think of it as a rebate. Companies offer rebates because they know there is a big difference between the number of people who will buy the product because of the rebate and those few who actually complete and mail in the paperwork.

  3. @mbh – As someone in the legal profession, don’t you think intentionally working it so folks don’t spend them can get them in hot water one day?

  4. In some states, gift card sales cannot be counted as revenue until the gift card is redeemed, and funds from unredeemed cards are eventually turned over to the state.

  5. @Kenny – Interesting. But Delta ones NEVER expire so do you think that changes things? Thanks for input very much!

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