RenésPoints PodCast EP4 – Should You Ever Do a 0% + Fee Balance Transfer? Maybe If…

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balance transfer offer from bank of america renespoints blog podcast
Is this EVER a good deal? Listen and find out!

Welcome to this week’s RenésPoints PodCast episode number 4. I really appreciate all the feedback and that you are enjoying the change in Sunday posts. I am working with the BoardingArea folks to get this on iTunes and more. Stay tuned.

twitter poll on balance transfer checks
Twitter poll says 65% NO!

Now on to this week’s topic, that is, “Should you ever do a 0% + fee balance transfer? Maybe if…” take a listen and see what you think:


So there you are. I am sure I have surprised you a bit by my answers. Here are a few of the things I referenced in the PodCast for you to read more about:

  • Link to the US BANK FlexPerks card (personal) – HERE
  • Link to the US BANK FlexPerks card (business) – HERE
  • Link to Kiva.org micro lending site – HERE
  • Link about how to use FlexPerks for discount travel – HERE
  • Link on how I used many kinds of points for discounted vacation travel – HERE

As a post script to the audio above I leave you with one warning not covered in the PodCast. If you are going to consider what I have suggested, please understand that the balance transfer should be and in fact MUST be the only amount you place on that card. You must have paid off any current charges in full on the card and must not make ANY further charges until the ZERO percent offer is paid for and completed. Any other action will cost you.

Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to chatting with you again next Sunday! – René


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  1. What’s the URL of your podcast? Can’t find it using Podcast Republic.

  2. rene

    @JohnHace – Txs will be working with BoardingArea folks for many choices an options with WordPress.

  3. Another alternative to taking a 1% balance transfer for 6 months is simply using savings from your American Express Bank (or Emigrantdirect, or Ally, or whatever) account for about 0.5% for 6 months.

    I have a friend that received a time-unlimited balance transfer at 0% many years ago. He maxed it out and is still paying the monthly minimum (actually a few bucks above the minimum) each month via automatic billpay. I think it’s almost 10 years ago now!

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