San Francisco to Ireland $477 & 12,154 MQM’s at 3.9CPM Delta Elite Vacation Run / Fare

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Friday, May 13, 2016   by John @laptoptravel

SFO-DUB Sep Oct DL Temple Bar


“Available Dates in April / May” to “Available Dates in September / October”

SFO-DUB Sep Oct DL Book

It appears that there are some weaknesses on several international routes, as evidenced by recent earnings statements by the Big 3 U.S. domestic airlines.  As a result, passengers can take advantage of sale prices that we are seeing sporadically.  American has been very aggressive with Asia routings and now we have found a great fare to Europe for those of you considering a Fall trip; this time to Dublin, Ireland.

Besides being a great vacation fare to Europe it also qualifies as a Mileage Run (priced less than 4 cents per mile) and is one of the lowest airfares we have seen in years from the West Coast to Dublin that is NOT an error fare; it is just priced that way by Delta Air Lines.  Delta has been targeting United Airlines’ hub airports, so San Francisco is a great value for as low as $477 round-trip in September and October.

I personally did Dublin last year when a similar Delta fare deal was offered and had a wonderful time and enjoyed great weather!

For a fare this low, you must stay a week, or longer.  There are a lot of dates open and we have just shown you one here in our example.  But taking our booking links you can search for alternative dates.

I also like the Atlanta to Dublin and return the same path.  That way you get a longer international flight and you will earn more Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s) this way rather than flying between JFK and Dublin..

A great tip for this fare would be to use FlexPerks and book the trip for only 25,000 points!  Now that would be a sweet deal!

Also, this is a ‘Pay With Miles’ eligible fare for those of you who hold a Delta/American Express co-branded card, so you can ‘buy down’ the fare with your SkyMiles and still earn full MQM’s! Another myth busted for those who still think you will lose all MQM’s if you use “Pay With Miles.” You will still get the MQM’s, but you are reducing your redeemable miles as they are tied to the base fare PAID.

Anyway here are the numbers:

The Details:

MQM’s:     12,154 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s)

Fare:         $477

Cost:           3.9 Cents Per Mile (CPM)

Please login to your Delta account before you click on the booking link below:

This link books through  –

DIRECT BOOKING LINK  San Francisco – Atlanta – Dublin – Atlanta – San Francisco

Another tip:  For our Alaska Airlines readers, you could credit this to your Mileage Plan account and earn 6,077 redeemable miles and 12,154 Elite Qualifiying Miles to that program. Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully throughout 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs

I also suggest that you take the time to read this article I wrote on Mobile Passport and load it onto your mobile device before taking this trip and see how great it works in the Atlanta Airport (and the JFK airport has also been recently added!) Best Wishes and Happy Travels. Enjoy your travels!  – John @laptoptravel





  1. I live in ATL and from ATL to Dub is over $1200 that’s crazy!
    BUT like you pointed out, from SFO through ATL to DUB is 3X LESS
    Dumb (Rookie Question) can I book from SFO and just get on the plane in ATL then get off in ATL on the way back?

  2. @Scott – If carry-on and no reroute due to issues. And do it too much Delta will not be happy with you.

  3. United has Atlanta to Dublin on sale for $532 round trip. This is a fare war to Europe today with United low fares to many places in Europe from most Delta hubs and Delta low fares from many United hubs.

    There are low fares in $300s to $600s to dozens of cities in Europe for travel Nov-March 2017.

  4. If OP didn’t board at SFO, wouldn’t the entire itinerary be cancelled? Could do it on the way back though. Just don’t do it too much.

  5. Hey Rene,

    Could you use your RUGs for say the SFO – JFK route, or if you are a diamond, use your GUs for the whole thing?


  6. United is targeting Delta hubs with great deals to Europe. You can fly MSP-DUB-MSP for $580 on United.

  7. @William – I think he was talking about return not starting trip. Clearly you have to start in SFO.

  8. @SKF – Interesting question. I would think so as you can, say on any other itinerary, request for just any one segment.

  9. That is what I was thinking. So you could do SFO-JFK and then JFK – SFO if you are a Plat and have the ugrades. Might be a good way to get more MQMs, and be a little bit more comfortable as well.

  10. @SKF – An RU does not give you more MQMs. Just a better seat. MQMs are based on fare class ticketed.

  11. Ah, yeah, forgot that part. Still, more comfort on a fairly long leg across the US…seems like a good use to me!

  12. @SKF – Oh you bet ya! 100%. IMO best value hands down. JFK-SFO/LAX transcon is really fun and nice.

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