ACT FAST: Lightning giveaway – 2 United Club passes & 2 Delta HOOU coupons!

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united club pass and delta hoou coupon giveaway renespoints blog

Sweet club access & HOOUs

Time for a quick Saturday afternoon giveaway. I will be picking two winners. Each winner gets the same gift but winner number one gets the Untied Club passes that expire 30JUNE17 and  winner number two gets the ones that expire 28FEB17. All the Delta HOOUs coupons expire 31DEC16.

The Club passes, after 18AUG16, must be used only the same day you are flying but it does not say it has to be a United flight. The HOOUs are good for (if you are over 21) a beer, cocktail or wine split. They are also good for headset should you want those.

Here are the simple rules. I want to know two things from you for a chance to win. You need to answer in the comment section below on the blog:

1) How long have you followed the blog?
2) How did you first find the blog?

Also, you may only enter once but if you tweet this (use tweet button below), and you are picked as the winner, I will give you two more Delta HOOU coupons for a total of 4. So why not tweet it as well.

I will use later tonight Saturday 14MAY16  EDIT: Sunday 15MAY16  (when I feel like it) and pick the two winners and then update the post below with the two winners names! Have fun. – René

…and we have our winners! I will contact you tomorrow to get your prize on the way:


Congrats: Brian & Obi


  1. 1) Followed the blog for two years.
    2) Found the blog through BoardingArea blogs.

  2. I found this website while looking for the best way to use my Delta medallion membership and to keep up to date on the latest news. That was three years ago, and I’ve been a loyal readers since.

  3. Follower since 2014 and found out about your site / feed via others I follow on Twitter

  4. 1. Followed for about a month now.
    2. Found the blog via a Twitter RT.

  5. 1) 3 weeks. I’m a newcomer regretting not discovering this ages ago.
    2) Twitter suggested I might like the twitter account, and a love developed there.

  6. I have been reading your posts/blogs for about three years I think. It’s been very helpful. My daughter told me about it.

    Grover Thomas

  7. 1. For about 2 years now
    2. I googled Delta Mileage runs after becoming a medallion for the first time and came across renepoints!!

  8. I am a new follower. I follow Boarding Area and this blog was posted under that name.

  9. How fun! Answers to the questions:

    1) About 6 months
    2) I found your blog on Twitter, retweeted by someone else I follow (can’t exactly remember who, but I believe it was another boarding area blogger)


  10. I’ve watched this blog (via Twitter Boarding Area) since 2014 and first discovered it when I was searching ways to use my Alaska Airlines miles.

  11. Been reading for about 3 years.
    I did a search for some obscure info about Delta, which lead to the blog

  12. 1. Started following the blog in 2013 or so when I first got into “the game”
    2. Cannot remember who it was but I do remember getting to you from another bloggers site who HT’d you on something.

  13. I’m new to the blog (about 3 months) but I check it literally every single day. Love all of the great articles and advice on here. Found you on Twitter 🙂

  14. Following the blog for about two years.
    Found it through Boarding Area.

    Thank you!

  15. I never knew about the extent of the aviation blogging world until I found BoardingArea six months ago, which is when I also found and started reading this blog.

  16. 1) I’ve been reading this blog since august 2015.
    2) I came across this blog through BoardingArea.

  17. Hi,

    1. I have just now found Renee’s blog on BoardingArea, although I’ve followed BoardingArea for at least several months on Twitter.
    2. I found this blog via Twitter’s BoardingArea.


  18. 1) About 2.5 years.
    2) Through Boarding Area.

    Love your Delta rants!

  19. 1) How long have you followed the blog? Followed the blog since 2010. Religiously followed I should say.
    2) How did you first find the blog? Retweet from another travel blogger.

  20. About 3 months. And I think I was looking for travel/points blogs through Feedly and this came up.

  21. I’ve followed for two years, and I found you on


  22. 1) about a year
    2) Thru Twitter – came across @laptoptravel which led me to more great related twitter accounts.

  23. 1) only 1 month but already hooked and checking multiple times a day
    2) while browsing boarding area on Twitter

  24. 1. About 2 years
    2. From reading other boarding area bloggers
    Plus, I feel a local connection living in the Bend!

  25. 1)About 10 months ago
    2)Through Twitter when I was first resuming my points and miles hobby after many years

  26. 1) Since back when it was still Delta Points, however long ago that was.
    2) Via Boardingarea

  27. 1. Honestly don’t recall, but it’s within 3 years.
    2. Via the BoardingArea website.


  28. Been reading about a year
    And I found your blog when reading other on boarding area!

  29. 1. Approximately 6 months

    2. Twitter recommendation based on following TPG and BoardingArea bloggers such as Lucky

  30. Only a couple of months after seeing someone retweeting something from you.

  31. Been following for about 3 years, and learned about it on twitter. I think it was a retweet from another travel blogger.

  32. 1. I’m a newbie! I’ve followed the blog about four months.
    2. I found your blog through The Boarding Area Twitter feed

  33. 1) probably about a year
    2) found the blog when looking up some delta status questions via Google

  34. Been reading for about 4 years and found you on Boarding Area via other travel blogs.

  35. 1. About 2 years. In ATL so stuck with DL. HUGE value and have learned allot.
    2. Found via google search on reviews..

  36. 1) I have been following only a couple of days.
    2) I found the blog through Google by searching for tips on flying Delta. I think I searched for tips on getting upgraded on a Delta flight and saving on bag fees.

  37. 1- About 3 years I would guess
    2- Searching for Point earning blogs and forums. I have you set up on my RSS feed.

  38. I’ve just recently started following your blog, discovering it a couple of months ago.

    I found it via Boarding Area and the RSS feeds I subscribe to.

  39. Just started following

    Found it when searching for tips on getting & keeping my mediation status with delta

  40. 1. I really don’t follow your blog. My husband does.
    2. Told about this blog by my husband.

  41. Couple of years, since it was just Delta.
    Don’t know how I found it – maybe because I had just signed up for a Delta Skymiles account.

  42. 1. Been following for about nine months.
    2. Found the blog via Boarding Area

  43. I’ve been following for 3 months and found it when searching for Delta insight.

  44. I have following for several years after discovering the site through BoardingArea. I do appreciate all of the tips and information on medallion benefits!

  45. 1. 3 weeks ago
    2. Found it through a search in Google, subscribed since then! 🙂

  46. 1. A few months now. 2. Linked through Boarding Area. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Pretty much since day one 3 years or so ago. It was either off FT or BA

  48. 1. I have been following your blog for about 2 yrs.
    2. I think I got your contact though FlyerTalk / Delta

  49. 1. About nine months
    2. I was looking for details about how to do mileage runs to get status for this year

  50. 1) About 3 years
    2) I was searching google about Delta status tips, landed on your blog, and stuck around ever since!

  51. 1. About 6 months
    2. Google when I was looking for a more delta-centric Onemileatatime-type blog

  52. 1. not sure, but think at least 2 years 2. not sure, but think something was put on facebook.

  53. 2014

    The Points Guy

    If you want split the winnings, I will settle for the HOOUs.

  54. I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years and learning a lot along the way. Thank you very much for your insights! Found your blog thru the boarding area.

  55. I’ve followed your blog for about three (3) years after first finding it on the Boarding Area collection of miles and points bloggers.

  56. I have been following the blog for about 2 years, I found it when searching for information about delta companion certificates. Stumbled upon boarding area

  57. Been following for about six months.
    Found you through browsing the regular boarding area website.

  58. Been following for about two years.

    Not sure how I FIRST saw the blog….but I definitely started reading it regularly when it joined BoardingArea!

  59. 1. New reader! Been following for about two weeks. (Loving it so far)
    2. Found via a random Google search for Delta upgrade strategies.

  60. been following you for 2 years.

    found you when i was in india as a volunteer teacher. i was trying to figure out how best to use miles to return to use. had to use miles since i was a volunteer! your advice was…and is…awesome!

    edit… “return to usa.” darn autocorrect!

  61. 1) I have followed the blog for at least three years.
    2) I first found the blog on Boarding Area.

  62. I’ve been following the blog for over 3 years. I found it through an FT post.

  63. 1) How long have you followed the blog?
    Probably two year now.

    2) How did you first find the blog?
    Turned Gold Medallion and started looking at Platinum benefits (all leisure), found your blog via Google (and Flyertalk) and started learning the art of the Delta CC spend, mileage runs, upgrades, and vouchers —been a Diamond this year and into the next.

  64. Started following the blo about 3.5 years ago after I moved to the US and started flying Delta quite a bit long haul. Not sure, but I probably found it through Google figuring out how to score a business class seat for cheap.

  65. 1. i just start after i attended FTU vegas, your nice share about delta
    2 search your name, and found the blog

  66. Following about 3 years. Found you via The Points Guy when he was still a Delta fan boy ( and you were too 😉 when he HT you for something.

  67. 1. About 2yrs
    2. Through an Internet search about how upgrades occur (I had just turned FO, now Plat.)

  68. Hey Rene, I found this website while looking for the best way to use my Delta points and to keep up to date on the latest news. That was three years ago, and I’ve been a loyal reader since then….

  69. 1. Have been reading the blog on and off for two years, but only really started ‘following’ it in the last two months as I am starting to think about moving my business over to Delta.
    2. Originally found the blog via BoardingArea.

  70. 1- Since 2014
    2- Found this blog was posted under Boarding Area, that I an avid follower off.

  71. Been following for at least two years for the latest updates on Delta

    Found on BoardingArea.

    Would like to use to take our young grandson into lounge. Even though it would not be a Delta Sky Club

  72. 1. New reader! Congratulations on your great work!
    2. Found via Boarding Area.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. At least two years and I found you at boarding area. And, I’m still learning so keep up the good work even if delta keeps “descending”!

  74. 1) How long have you followed the blog?
    A few weeks. I went to a couple of your presentations at FTU Vegas and you were awesome. I like reading your blog now.
    2) How did you first find the blog?
    From FTU : )

  75. 1) a little over a year
    2) saw it on the side of one mile at a time blog (boarding area)

  76. started following since december (it has been less than a year since I started with miles & points)
    I found your page with searches I did on google which open the doors to so many future almost free trips thanks to your site..

  77. @Jazmin – As you can see in the post we have our winners already but txs for reading the blog! 🙂

  78. aww.. I always have the tabs open of your site and i guess i submitted my entry too late jejje.. well.. ty for replying.. and congrats to both winners..

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