Some Disturbing Developments (Maybe) & Another Round of Delta Schedule Change Saturday Hits!

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delta schedule change saturday renespoints blog (1)

Well this is NOT good Delta! 🙁

Well this was a frustrating Sunday. As you can see from the above we have had yet another round of Delta schedule change Saturday updates that have befallen us as they do almost every Saturday. In case you missed it take a look at these posts:

delta schedule change saturday renespoints blog (2)

You call THIS notice Delta?

Now what is frustrating is, not things like no notice from Delta, or when I look at my list of many flights only a tiny red time notice on some of them as you see above, but that the reps this weekend seemed most unhelpful.

Most times, as a Diamond, even minor changes are accepted and my wishes for another time or even route is accommodated without questions. I have had times as low as 10 minutes authorize a change. The front line rep is willing to “try” and see if the computer will allow the change (under the schedule change rule – see above linked post). If the computer “says no” then a quick call to their supervisor and change is done. Today, however, was much different.

I had one change that was not quite an hour but was accepted and changed. Another one that was just 12 minutes and it was flat out refused. Told $200 change fee plus any other costs. No thanks I will just sit tight and wait for the NEXT change and then get it free. I get 12 minutes is pushing it.

My last one, with another rep, was disturbing. It was over 20 minutes and as a Diamond that normally is enough. Not this time. I got a firm push back from the front line rep as well as the supervisor who said no way $200 change fee plus costs.

Did someone get a memo maybe (Ruh roh)? I doubt this was a frustrating weekend of “NO’s” and that is just not normal. I did not try to HUCB as my flights are far enough out that I am sure I will have more chances to tinker and test and see how that goes for data points.

I guess I would like some input from you. Have you had some changes hit this weekend as well and how successful were you in getting any changes you wanted? Lastly please don’t tell me you just clicked on stuff on Delta.dumb as we know that is never EVER a good idea! 😉 – René


  1. I had a 44 minute schedule change pop up yesterday. I asked the rep at the SkyClub in A concourse to look at it and she told me it was $150 plus the fare difference to change it. When I pushed at the fact it was more than 30 minutes of a delay, she responded that “the rule in the computer is 40 minutes and then no fees”. When I said it was a 44 minute schedule change she said ” I guess that’s not enough over the 40 minute minimum to get the fee waived “.

    That’s when I told her I’d call the Diamond line and did the in person version of HUCB.

  2. Unless the 20 minute schedule change seriously affected your connection time, I think calling the DM desk and having them make changes for you causes DL CORP to limit the ability for DM agents to make sensible and common-sense changes. With all due respect, it this point, it seems like you’re just gaming the system in a way that negatively affects everyone else.

  3. @John – This is one of the FEW remaining perks of loyalty. When Delta is selling 1st class upgrades for under $10 I have no problem getting what I can in coach.

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