#iHateTheWait is just as bad at American Airlines Terminal 3 at ORD O’Hare airport!

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This is INSANE – #iHateTheWait ORD

The other day, as part of my series about my million mile run to Japan, I looked at the difference at security in terminal 2 at ORD near Delta gates early in the morning vs. late in the day. It was a mess for BOTH the standard line as well as the PreCheck line. Disappointing.

Yesterday I had a chance to fly American Air from Chicago up to Toronto on one of the several 250 Delta SkyMiles “sale” tickets in 1st class. Was it all worth it and what points did I get? I will cover that later.

For today I wanted to again focus on the insanity of the TSA security lines at ORD right now. It really is becoming a perfect storm. The situation is SO bad folks are showing up 5 hours, yes 5 hours, before their flights and this is making the situation even WORSE if you can believe. Just take a look at the mob of people trying to get through Terminal 3 security for American Air. But, next, look at the same moment in time the TSA PreCheck line:

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Uh, TSA PreCheck? Yes Please!

Yep nothing at all. There was literally NO ONE in line when I took the photo and just one as I walked up so I breezed through the checkpoint in a minute. The PreCheck was so well staffed that I got scolded for using the same x-ray belt as the man in front of me as I was yelled at that BOTH belts are open. Well, that did save me another 30 seconds so thank you! 😉

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How was your 2-3 hour wait folks?

My point in this is so clear and I am constantly SHOCKED how many readers still do not have BOTH global entry and TSA PreCheck. There are SO many cards that pay this $100 fee that is good for 5 years like:


   The Platinum Card® from American Express <—LINK

    The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN <—LINK


Either of these will rebate you in full once every 5 years. Plus, if you already have it or have it paid for with other cards, then do as I did and pay for someone else to get it and you will still get the rebate (confirmed btw)!

Folks the above photos are not hard to understand. Even if the TSA gets their act together PreCheck is always better. Global entry, for just $15 more for 5 years vs. just PreCheck, is the best travel money I have ever spent.

If you have not taken the time to get this done for you or your family or friends – it is time to grow up and make the time to get it done. Period! – René



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  1. I have both Global Entry and Pre Check, and still find that I don’t always get Pre Check.

    Last weekend, I flew JetBlue (and I have Mosaic) and didn’t get Pre Check designated on my boarding pass, even though my KT# is definitely in my profile.

    Beyond annoying, if you ask me.

  2. @Mary – I have had many have this issue. Most times, and don’t be upset, it is due to a tiny error. For example, does your name 100% including spaces etc match your Passport and even your Drivers license and the info in your FF account with the airline. Once I fixed all this personally I have never not got PRE!

  3. While TSA PreCheck or Global Entry benefits citizens and permanent residents, thousands of valid non-permanent residents who are a part of the frequent traveling community are denied from being able to apply to either of these or any other expedited security options. Although, because of frequent travel, I’ve randomly gotten PreCheck multiple times, I’m still not allowed to apply for it officially as I don’t have permanent residency. And I’m not alone as I personally know many folks who’d want to apply but are not allowed to even though they travel almost every week and have no secuirty/background check issues.

  4. Why would you want BOTH Precheck and GE? Is there any advantage in having both, even if the fees are covered?

  5. @Bill – If you get GE you get PreCheck free. I.E. for $100 you get both vs $85 for just Pre. See?

  6. Get Nexus for $50 and get Global Entry and PreCheck both free. However, outside of Detroit and Seattle, there aren’t any interview locations in the US in major metropolitan areas.

  7. @rene Yes, I know that. I asked the question about having BOTH because you wrote: “… I am constantly SHOCKED how many readers still do not have BOTH global entry and TSA PreCheck.”

    To me it makes no sense to have both.

  8. @Bill G – Let me be crystal clear. If you get GE for $100 you get BOTH. If you ONLY get PRE for $85 you have saved $15 over 5 years. IMO dumb move as for the extra $15 you get BOTH! Clear?

  9. @rene It’s always been clear. I have GE. I know how it works. That’s why you advocating we get both made no sense to me.

  10. @Bill G – I constantly get folks who say they ONLY need TSA Pre and not worth going for GE. Does this help?

  11. #rene No, it just reinforces that GE is the way to go and we don’t need both, so I’m still not understanding why you recommended we get both.
    Thanks for trying to explain — I think one or both of us is missing something in the way we’re explaining it, but I think as long as readers know that GE is the best approach then we can agree not to worry about language differences.

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