This has got to be the Dumbest Advice Delta has ever put in print! Agree or not?

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dumb advice on delta-com for drink hoou coupons renespoints blog

Uh, no Delta!

Oh dearest Delta. I spent the morning (mostly) praising you for all the good things you are doing as of late. Then you come along and put in print on the above advice on how to use Digital HOOU coupons on jets with no wifi.

Really? Seriously?

I mean, I know Delta IT has it’s challenges but hoping we don’t hit a wrong button or the app does not do this when we go to bring it up after accessing the digital HOOU:

error fly delta app renespoints blog

Oooopssseee, no drink for you!

Stay thirsty my friends (is what it should say at the end). 😉 Now way back in March I gave you much better advice. I suggested then, as I do now, that you simply go to and print your HOOU.

delta-com printed digital drink voucher renespoints blog

Simple to print at home!

But if you don’t like having paper with you I get that. Then my all digital suggestion is simply that you take a screen shot of your coupon once you bring it up in your phone

screen shot of a delta drink voucher from app renespoints blogTIP how to screen shot on a Android Phone and on an iPhone

Once you have the shot you can create a folder on your phone and dump all the shots into that folder and delete them after use.

Other strange tech bits to be aware of. When you print your HOOU on it does not seem to go away until after use. In my Android phone it went away and my total went down by one but, since I did not use the HOOU on a flight, it came back in the APP a few days later. Either way I still have the digital screen shot to use.

Bottom line I like Delta going all digital with these coupons because this way we do not have to fight with a flight attendant to use them in digital form. They can either scan the QR code or they can type in the numbers under the code. Either way works fine. – René

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  1. Rene, can these HOOU’s be used on Delta regional jets? I assume not since they take only cash.
    I looked for this issue and was unable to find.

  2. @Geoff – Yep! They sure can. That is why Delta is suggesting you bring up before you board. But, just being able to hand a paper copy to the FA is 100% the simplest thing to do so if you can stand it print one off of before you fly. If you forget, do a screen shot before you board.

  3. OK thx. I keep forgetting about them I just don’t drink much on the plane.

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