Delta News from May 2016 & even Delta Pilots Must Request to “Upgrade” to C+?

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Let’s take a quick peek at some news headlines that grabbed my attention before the month comes to an end. Did you see them all?

The first one is an amazing shot of the Korean Air 777 that had an engine catch fire just before takeoff. Notice also that folks were smart enough NOT to open the over wing emergency doors closest to the fire. Always listen to instructions from the FAs as to if you should or SHOULD NOT open those doors when in an exit row.

Next we have the slow but steady rise of jet fuel. I am the only one who things it is strange that Delta hedged against fuel when the price was going down but now that it is going up they are not (or at least not much)? Anyway here is a Yahoo story about them combating the rising prices of fuel and the plans they have to even trim seat capacity to make sure ticket prices stay high or go higher.

Speaking of fare hikes, it looks like more are on the way. You may not have noticed it but there have been a bunch of successful ones already this year.

Now we all should know that the blog first alerted you to the Bombardier C series jet deal and Delta but even with that good news they need billions in cash to keep going. Maybe Delta will not get their nice new jets after all? I am sure Canada will find a way.

Oh look, KLM not only won a bunch of Freddie awards this year but they are also bragging about it on their news site. Gosh I wish Delta would care and want to win a prize for best loyalty and rewards program one day. Ah to dream.

This one you may have missed as for some shocking reason the mainstream press did not pick up on it. Some disturbed lady forces open the door on a Delta jet just before the slides are armed and then sprints down the tarmac. Just crazy!

Lastly we have some news from the Delta MEC letter 27MAY16. It seems even Delta pilots must request to be “upgraded” to enjoy a C+ seat. Really? How about you just let them pick one Delta and not monkey with an upgrade process (save that joy for us elites)? Take a look:

“Comfort + Seating: Delta pilots are allowed to request an upgrade within 24 hours of the assigned flight’s departure time to available Comfort+ seats when deadheading on a rotation or utilizing company business positive space travel. Pilots should contact the Pilot Support Center (Crew Scheduling after hours) and inform the representative of their flight number and the available Comfort+ seat they would like to request. There is NO requirement for the pilot’s duty period to be greater than 10 hours or for the flight segment to be more than 3:45 block-to-block to receive a Comfort+ seat.

If a pilot is denied access to an available Comfort+ seat for any reason within 24 hours of departure, he/she should speak with a supervisor for assistance. If the issue is not resolved after speaking with the supervisor, please note the time, rotation number, flight number, seat requested as well as the name of the Company representative and forward that information to Contract Administration for follow-up with the Company.”

So that is what grabbed my attention this month. Any Delta or aviation worthy bits that caught your attention? Comment below and be sure to include a link to the story! – René


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