Skyteam partner KLM to stop flying 747 jets. A sad day for #AVgeeks like me.

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klm tweet will stop flying 747 jets

From KLM on Twitter

So many of us just stop and look when we see a 747. They are part of our childhood and amazing to fly. I am such a 747 AVgeek that I planned my 1 million mile flight on a Delta 747. Delta, unfortunately, will soon park their fleet of these amazing jets for good and now KLM will follow as well.

Per Twitter KLM has announced the above and then linked to the KLM blog and in part say:

“In the years ahead, even KLM will be saying good-bye to the “Grand Old Lady” of the fleet, the Boeing 747-400.”


“If you happen to fly KLM in the near future in a KLM 747, remember this: you’re making airline history.”

side view new klm business class full flat seats

Now on KLM 747 jets

The good news is we still have some time it seems to get to fly them a few more times as to me “In the years ahead” does not mean right away. Plus, don’t forget KLM has updated their 747s to their new full flat seat that I am still waiting to experience myself. While not every seat has individual aisle access like Delta it looks amazing and KLM service has always been very very good.

First Delta, then Air France and now KLM. Gosh, it will be a sad day when you can no longer find a Skyteam 747 up in the air. Korean Air still has them but I bet, like all the others, they will soon follow suit and park these majestic birds. Sigh. – Rene


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  1. @bob – If only Delta had chosen to buy a few -8s. Even just a handful for certain routes. Ah well.

  2. Saudia has a fair number of 747 in service… and they’re not looking to retire them anytime soon.

  3. @Deo – Good point but not as frequent a route for most flyers I would think. Maybe just my routes.

  4. Iran’s airline has a bunch. Kuwait too, I think. British Airways as well.

    I’m sorry but KLM’s business-class is inferior to Delta, Air France and Alitalia. With the exception of the flat-bed, there isn’t much to justify KLM’s business-class over Virgin Atlantic premium economy.

  5. Well, sometimes the truth hurts. While KLM business-class is generally cheaper than Delta or Air France, it’s still expensive. I just don’t think you can call a two-across hard product a premium experience when there is so many more options. I’m really excited to see hat happens to Alitalia now that it’s Gulf-owned. I wouldn’t be surprised if it leaves Sky Team.

  6. I like KLM’s business class. It is always a pleasure to add to my collection of Delft Blue Amsterdam houses filled with Bols gin.

    @Ex-FNT All aisle access is preferable although Korean Air business class is two-across and it is definitely a premium product (especially on the A380). I fly them over delta every chance I get.

  7. One of the most spectacular things I have ever seen is the KLM 747 departure/takeoff from St. Maarten

  8. KLM uses the 747 on the Nairobi / Amsterdam route. It’s nice to sit in Economy Comfort seats in the more private cabin. Wonder what they will switch to. Sad days.

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