What AMEX card am I going for next? Super simple choice really (hint: 50k+$50)!

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my-list-of-cards amex says I have ever had

Thanks for the FACTS AMEX! Most helpful.

I am constantly stunned how many times readers make simple mistakes that cost them so many points. The first mistake is NOT reading this post that, if you do screen shots, gives you the in print proof you need, that is, what cards does AMEX says you have ever had (since the new card bonus is now just 1x ever in your lifetime with AMEX).

The next major failing so many just dismiss out of hand are business travel cards. Notice a trend in my shot above and this is just from AMEX. Yep, I tend to gravitate towards business cards because the new card bonus deals can be a great way to really build my points needed and expand how many cards I can get each year. Let’s look at the current Delta AMEX gold cards for an example:

    Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express (learn more)

    Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express (learn more)

My guess is most readers have had the personal AMEX Gold card sometime in their life (if not, you should really consider taking advantage of this amazing limited time offer). But I venture to guess most have NOT had the business AMEX gold card ever. In other words:


Good news for you – you can get in on the current deal. Even if you have had, or even recently applied for, any or ALL of the other 3 personal Delta AMEX cards you can get the new card bonus for any or all of the business cards right now! Keep in mind all 3 personal and all 3 business Delta AMEX cards are viewed as unique products so you can get bonus for each (but only once each ever). And that is where my choice of this round will come into play.

I have had my business Delta AMEX Reserve card (learn more) forever. I use it and run $60,000 a year on it. I enjoy the bonus MQMs and bonus SkyMiles I get from this spending. I get more upgrades by holding this card (including my wife soon). When I was not a Diamond the card got me into Sky Clubs. I use other ways to offset the fee each year. I could go on and on, but holding this card does NOT exclude me from getting the Delta AMEX Gold business card bonus of 50,000 points OFFER EXPIRED. Please learn about the current Welcome Bonus) as well as a $50 statement credit for buying just about anything onboard like a “Flight Fuel” cheese plate (any charge will trigger the full credit btw).

approved biz delta amex card

…and I am approved – thank you AMEX!

The bottom line is I would be foolish, during the current promotion, not to take 50k points that I personally value at 1.5-2 cents each as well as the $50 credit all with no fee the 1st year! This is not really a hard choice at all when you think about it.

Are you taking advantage of all the points business cards offer you yet? – René



  1. I’ve thought about going for a business card, but I have to wonder as a student whether I could even get approved. I’ve heard that Amex is tightening up who they give business cards to, and while my credit score is excellent, I’m not sure I fit their target audience for those cards.

  2. @William – For ANY of the Delta AMEX cards you need a good or very good credit score. The key part of being approved for a business card is not your business income but your total income as it shows your ability to pay the bill when it arrives.

  3. Rene: is there any way to check what cards you have had in the past? I’ve had various Amex delta cards (business and personal) over the years, but can’t remember if I ever had the gold business card … Or whether the platinum non-delta card that I had was business or personal. Sure would be nice to know before I apply.

  4. There are Delta Amex cards that you haven’t had before? I’m surprised, and now with the 1/lifetime bonus limits, you have to wait for a very good deal if you can afford to wait.

  5. @Christian – I tend to go for cards with MQMs (as you can see). Now, I wait for deals like this as bonus is 1x lifetime.

  6. My husband needs mqms more than anything else and has had both the business reserve and platinum personal. Should he wait for a mqm bonus or get the 50000 points?

  7. @Sarah – If he has had 2x Plat and 2x Reserve bonus, and only MQMs matter, the only choice left card wise is you get a Reserve (get stuck with the new card bonus points) then you spend $30k and send bonus MQMs to him. However, if he has never had GOLD personal or biz then YES when not take the SkyMiles 😉

  8. Did the rule for business cards recently change to 1x per lifetime? I thought you could re-open after 365 days.

  9. @Melissa T – Yep, it is 1x lifetime for ALL AMEX cards now personal and business (for new card bonus).

  10. If I have a corporation and open up a new Corp with a different name I can reapply for all 3 delta cards under the new business?

  11. If I open a platinum or reserve card for my wife or mother am I able to transfer the initial sign-up MQM’s to myself or are only the bonus MQM’s are transferable (when I hit the $25,000/$30,000 and $50,000/$60,000)?

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