New York to Singapore $745 & 21874MQMs at 3.4CPM INSANE weekday Delta Elite Mileage run

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jfk to sin rt

WoW that is a lot of flying

what to pick jfk atl nrt sin rt

Look for 2x via ATL both ways.

This is nuts. You will need therapy when you are done with this if you do it all in coach. I never say upgrade to C+ but in this case it may be worth the money. Oh and HT to FT for the find.

For this you are spending, other than a few hour long layover, three days in the air. Ugg. But if you have some bump vouchers and need over 20,000 MQMs to get to the next elite level, you may want to think about this one.

Here are the lowest numbers:

Cost: $745 via ATL both ways

21,874 MQMs at 3.4 CPM

Bookable on via link HERE

 I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Very simple! – René


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  1. Also, why would one do this instead of

    JFK-PVG-SIN-PVG-JFK with China Eastern? That would earn better MQD and better SkyMiles for a better price: $601:
    (2357 * 1.5 + 7392) * 2 = 21855 MQM (2.7cpm)
    (2357 + 7392 * 0.5) * 2 = 12106 SkyMiles (for non medallion. For DM SkyMiles would be 27238)
    (7392 * 0.1 + 2357 * 0.2) * 2 = 2421 MQD

    (books into T and B classes)

  2. @Tom – With China Eastern clearly you want to check fare class for earning:
    And you did. However, some may want to fly Delta for so many reason. The link I posted does have both.
    EDIT BTW according to FT post the China Eastern earning can be suspect. If I am spending this much time to earn MQMs I would want to do it on Delta metal. Then again, I would not want to spend this much time in coach unless I had to. I would rather go the credit card MQM route.

  3. Thanks for this one -great deal! Booked the run from the 26th-29th to give me a day to explore Singapore. This will be enough MQMs to retain Platinum for 2017.

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