My Frustrations with IHG, KLM EU261 claim & SkyBonus devaluations + Spam Mail.

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Sign-Up Bonuses

ihg twitter conf rene de lambert

Twitter confirmation but not much help.

I love a good points deal. You may recall that I blogged that all I needed was one single stay (at a somewhat inflated rate) with IHG under the old IHG Accelerate promotion to collect 40,000 points. Now I needed to stay at a hotel in April so I would have had to pay one way or the other (or use points). I guess you could look at it that I “paid” about 1/3 of a cent per IHG point and that is a good value to me.

But I had an issue. You see the points did not all show up. Gosh, I hate it when this happens. I reached out to IHG on twitter and they at first said I had not completed at least 3 of the tasks to get the points (but I knew I had). They then checked again and confirmed I had done what was needed but had to wait. Grrrrr

had to complain to get my points ihg rewards accelerate 2016

In the end it worked after waiting for 8 weeks after my stay and e-mailing IHG about the issue and I now have the points. I guess the point is that WE must stay on top of what is promised by any company. Tech can and does fail and this one would have cost me big time had I not followed up.

EU261 complaint

Now yet one more update that is sorta a non-update on my EU261 claim against KLM for delaying me 3 hours outbound from Gothenburg Sweden and 5 hours delayed in arrival almost two years ago. I have been getting, with prompting, some updates from AirHelp on my case. I can tell you fighting the airlines when they don’t pay up as they should under the EU261 takes forever. I do think, one day, I will get paid as my case is rock solid. It is just a shame you have to fight them and how long the process can take. Clearly I will post when I win or if I get a judgment against them I may go to ORD and try to impound a jet until they pay up (kidding, but would be fun, right).

skybonus wants me back - well no not really

Thanks for nothing Skybonus

Then we have Skybonus spam that many of us got the other day. Oh Delta, you really don’t get it. You have not changed anything and are just reminding us again that you hate small business no matter how much they spend on Delta tickets. Just sad.

changes to skybous

So not worth it anymore – Skybonus

Oh and btw you have not missed much in the past 6 months of being out of the program. They have kept up the slimy no notice devaluation of the program as usual. Take a look at the above redemptions. Notice anything different? Yep, the cost of Sky Club passes has gone up from 60k to 85k and Executive club membership has disappeared completely as a choice. Oh, and they still have not fixed the issue that your MQD spend on Delta.dumb does NOT match the MQD spend totals on Skybonus. You know, in some ways, I am happy they kicked me out of such a sad program. – René


my new delta amex biz card

I just got this card – did you? 🙂



  1. I got the same Delta.dumb SkyBonus email. I CHOSE to become a small company with less headaches. There are many people just like me that were loyal to Delta when we were working for big companies and now are stuck with them due to the amount of miles we have accumulated or because of our airport’s lack of choice. It is sad that we were booted out of the SkyBonus program because we don’t have 5 employees. I don’t want ANY employees – too much headaches and health insurance to deal with.

    Are there any small law firms that have been booted out of SkyBonus on here? I can’t imagine it would cost much in legal fees for a bunch of lawyers to team up and get them to at least consider the benefits of small businesses to their airline. All we are asking is to be treated with fairness and respect.

    I realize it is their airline and they can choose to offer rewards programs to anyone they please. However, I believe an argument could be made that this is discrimination – and, since they do have a de facto monopoly out of many markets you would think they would want to be fair to EVERYONE so that the government doesn’t start nosing around in their business.

    I’m just saying if you can get a million bucks for coffee that is too hot, then surely some attorney can cause Delta enough hassle that they might not be as arrogant in the way they treat us.

    I moved as many trips as I could last year and went from Diamond to Platinum. But, because of their monopoly I am forced to fly them more than I would like and it looks like I will be Diamond this year. It’s either put up with them or drive an hour and pay for parking while I’m away. Of course, it always involves changing planes in Atlanta.

    Speaking of Atlanta and Delta’s relationship. Are there any investigative reporters on here? I’ll bet there is a years worth of stories if you were to dig deep enough. Delta’s control over the ATL airport and politicians never added up to me. The land they own surrounding the other airport? Something has never felt right about that…

  2. Rene — I’ve been a Skybonus participant since mid 2015. in 2016, despite having enough flyers, it’s unlikely I’ll hit the required spend. Should I expect to be removed from the program?

    If so, should I spend the points in December? What do you feel is the best value for redemption? I have 90k points right now and hope to at a minimum see 100k by then.

  3. @opposite – Yep they will dump you as of 1JAN17. Time to spend on what you value most from the current devalued list.

  4. A couple other questions with which you may be able to help — can you upgrade a companion flight to first class with the Skybonus reward (of course you’ll have to call)? Second, they are “one way”… is it safe to assume a multi leg trip in the same itinerary is inclusive or will I be limited to a single flight for redemption?

    Trying to make the most of my elusive bonus points before they evaporate 😉

  5. Thanks Rene. To clarify – I meant companion cert. I know they aren’t eligible for free upgrades so I thought it would be a good use of the Skybonus upgrades.

  6. @opposite – You can not in any way upgrade companion certs ie Delta AMEX BOGOF. In the old days you could split reservation and get one of them to UG but not under new IT.

  7. If I redeem for a SkyBonus flight award and am then kicked out of the program, will I still be able to make a booking next year with the already-issued award code? If not, can I book now for a flight next year?

  8. @Tom – I am out of Skybonus but last time I was in the rules were good for 12 months and you did NOT have to in the program to spend. Just had to fly and use before EXP date.

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