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How hard or simple was my Global Entry & TSA Pre✓® renewal process? Just how long did it take?

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step by step directions to renew global entry membership
How to: Step by step – very nice!

Like so many of my fellow bloggers I was an early applicant for Global Entry that also includes TSA Pre✓® as well for the flat $100 fee for 5 years. This, to me, is one of the absolute greatest values in travel.

amex platinum goes fee and credit renespoints blog
Thank you AMEX Platinum
citi bank goes credit renespoints blog
…and thank you Citi BANK Prestige card

An even better value is using a card that pay you back for the perk like the non-Delta AMEX Platinum card (good once every 5 years) or other cards like the Citi BANK Prestige card that keeps giving me value like my free $700 golf trip this fall (btw, if you can not use the perk, maybe pay for a family member).

goes global online enrollment system - renew membership page - renespoints blog
This button is new!

But now I am less than 1 year (364 days to be exact) and on my GOES home page I have a new button that has appeared. It gives me the option to “Renew Membership” that was not there before. But should I do this? I wanted more guidance.

I was, in the middle of May, visiting Chicago’s O’Hare ORD a number of times due to the amazing 250 SkyMiles 1st class flights from Toronto’s YYZ (and I go there via ORD on AA). Well the US Customs & Border Patrol location for my area happens to be at ORD terminal 5. So I tried to call to get more info but got stuck in never ending voice prompts. Great. Since I was there I went in person and talked to the officer at the desk. This was a most interesting conversation that stunned me.

GOES location ORD T5

I asked if I could re-up in person? I was told no.

I asked about the web site re-new process? I was told it was broken!

Really? I was told to wait until my Global Entry expires next year. Then, wait one week and only then apply. Also, I was told I should apply like I have never ever had GOES before and to click that I have never had it.

Wait – what? Really? You are kidding me? That does not sound smart.

Yep, that was the shocking exchange with the officer manning the desk at ORD. I have to tell you I was beyond stupefied. This was not an answer I was OK with so time to see what the GOES web site renewal would bring (<-Link with direction how to).

re-up goes (1)

re-up goes (2)

After updating a number of bits that had changed over the past four years I was presented with some frustrating information. It seemed that I would have to, again, like the first time I applied for Global Entry, go to Chicago to interview again for my next 5 years of approval as you can see from the slide above. This despite no issues at all over the past 4 years and hundreds of flights far and wide.

re-up goes (3)
I hate waiting – why I want TSA PreCheck 😉

I was finally greeted with an update to my GOES home page that my status was pending. I have been told by others that a number of things could happen next.

  • I could be asked for a new interview
  • I could be granted a phone interview
  • I could be instantly re-approved
  • I could be refused renewal

I was somewhat concerned after the info I received from the US Customs & Border Patrol officer in Chicago. But I need not have worried. After about three weeks I got an email to check my GOES home page.

goes 2
I like this!

I received notice that my status had changed and as you can see I was simply renewed for another 5 years beyond my previous expiration date including my KTN or known traveler number that includes my TSA Pre✓®. Further I clicked the “read notification” button and was presented with:

new goes approval letter
Sweet. Good for another 5 years!

Honestly, other than being scared to death by the US Customs & Border Patrol officer in Chicago, I found this process to be quick, painless and not even that long of a wait (I was expecting a much longer wait).

Having said that, as we have seen in the news, a number of new airlines are now going to be included in TSA Pre✓®. Not just that, but due to the mess of #IhateTheWait more and more people “should” be applying for expedited security. This means if your current Global Entry membership is close to expiring, I would, as soon as you can, get the process started like I have. Even if it takes weeks (or even months) by starting the process at the 364 day mark you will ensure uninterrupted membership in the Global Entry and  TSA Pre✓® program.

A few other bits. My KTN did NOT change but I would check this when you get your re-approval letter. If, for some reason, it has changed you will need to go to all the airlines websites you fly and update the number (here is how to for Delta). I am also assuming I will get a new Global Entry ID card with my updated expiration in the mail. This is the ID I use when I travel rather than my drivers license as it just “lives” in my travel bag for convenience.

Have you yet had the chance to re-apply for membership? Was it as simple for you as it was for me? – René


my new delta amex biz card
I just got this card – did you? 🙂


Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. If you re-apply at the 364 day mark and then are approved, does the 5 year clock start over from that day you are re-approved? Or does the next 5 years not start until your original 5 years are up?

    Also, how does the credit card $100 credit work since it only applies once every 5 years? Is there some kind of grace period window during that 4th year so you can re-apply and get the $100 credit?

    • @ORD Flyer – It adds it on to the end so for now I have almost 6 years remaining in the program. The credit is only good once every 5 years so I would wait or use another card that offers the credit. There are SO many good offers right now I would get another card you have not had (like the Citi BANK Prestige) and use that to re-up!

  2. I applied using my Platinum card almost 5 years ago this summer, $100 rebate. That GE was good until my birthday next spring, so 5+ years on the first pass. I cancelled my Platinum when they dropped Admirals Club access.

    My wife applied last year on her Platinum, $100 rebate. I applied for renewal last week using my ‘authorized user’ card on my wife’s Platinum, $100 rebate in 2-3 days. App still pending.

    Thanks Amex for $300 rebates for a valuable service.

    Quick Platinum accounting:
    AF = $-450
    AU = $-175
    Airline refund $200 x 2 = $400
    GOES Refund $100 x 2 = $200
    Misc Offers = $25
    Benefit first year = Break-even
    Added MR Points = 40,000+

  3. If the CBP man you dealt with at ORD was in his late 50s/early 60s, he is super unfriendly and was difficult with both myself and my parents.

    Their website really isn’t user friendly at all. Maybe that’s by design to keep the lazy people out?

  4. Rene – please do update if you get a new card in the mail ! Thanks !

  5. Warning – if you have NEXUS make sure you click to renew NEXUS (which includes Global Entry) and NOT Global Entry.

  6. My GOES account is hopelessly messed up. I have been on the phone with two agents and took screen shots of all the error messages I get into a DHS office and they couldn’t fix it.

    I couldn’t schedule or change an interview time online. I endured an hour long phone hold to schedule it.

    Instead of renewing my Global Entry, I applied for Nexus and have an interview in Detroit next week. I was advised that the $50 Nexus fee would include Global Entry.

    I hope I don’t run into any further glitches.

  7. Like you said, your results may vary. In my case, I have to do an interview in person, just like a new applicant. As much as I like he concept of Global Entry, the process and web site are a mess…

  8. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Just got my replacement card Tuesday, it has to be activated like a credit card via GOES website.

    Deactivates the old one and gets the new one going. My actual process was similar to yours but looks like 21 days or so I can’t exactly remember, start to activation.

    Received same number for TTN.

    Not much else to know beyond what you’ve posted.

  9. You mention that you use your Global Entry card for ID at the airport, rather than your driver’s license.

    Strangely, the IRS did not accept my GE card when I went in to verify my identification (due to a previous identity theft, I had to appear in person with my tax return). The clerk said she had never heard of Global Entry, wanted to see my driver’s license…a passport was also acceptable.

    • @Miles – I am talking about when I fly. I use my DL for the rest of life 😉

  10. My Global Entry Expires January 2017. If I renew today online, can I still use Global Entry NEXT MONTH while waiting for the outcome of my renewal status?s

    • @Sil – Yep. Only issue I can think of would be if they for some reason decide you can no longer be part of the program ie you were convicted of a crime between last application and now etc.

  11. dotti cahill Reply

    we had to renew our passports so we had to go back to the intake airport and get re-interviewed and show new passport and the new passport number as they change each time it is renewed??/

    • @Dotti Cahill – I did not need to do this. When I got my new numbers I just edited the info on the GOES site. Done in seconds.

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