Atlanta to Dallas (via SLC x2) 1st class $514 & 7732MQMs at 6.6CPM weekend Delta elite Mileage Run

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atl slc dfw matrix

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atl slc dfw kayak 1st 1

atl slc dfw kayak 1st 2

delta 1st class atl slc dfw

delta w c+class atl slc dfw

delta basic e class atl slc dfw

There are a great many ways to play this return of decent prices I have blogged about in past years and with a HT to FT reminder to check.

My personal choice would be to book it all in 1st class and not stress about upgrades. Then again, you can book C+ and at least have a decent shot at at upgrade. Or, lastly, you can just slum it super cheap in evil BASIC E class with ZERO chance at any kind of upgrade of “side-grade” even (got HOOUs?)!

What I would do is take Friday off work. Then take the early AM flight and enjoy quality Centurion DFW lounge time. Then off to HardEight BBQ. Then back to the Centurion in the morning before my flight back to Atlanta on Saturday.

Any, here are the 1st class numbers:

Cost: $514

7,732 MQMs at 6.6CPM

Bookable on via

In 1st class <-LINK

In evil E BASIC class <-LINK

In W / C+  class <-LINK

UPDATE: Also from MSP at similar prices:

In coach evil E BASIC class <-LINK

In 1st class<-LINK

I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Very simple! – René


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  1. I see some really cheap (sub $400) nonstops in July that you could SDC to route through SLC.

    More risky, since there’s no guarantee of a seat, but if you pick off days it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. @William – Keep in mind it is harder now with SNAPP to get reps to change from a non-stop to a connection even with 1st class SDC rules in place.

  3. Never thought to look at the first class fares; now the app is offering it for +$385. Eek! Thanks for the HT! Making the run in W.

  4. rene, are you doing this run? how are you positioning yourself out of msp? i am considering…

  5. @Keith – Not at this point. I am considering. What I want to plan is a SEA one for the Space Museum or one to SXM for a day at Maho beach 😉

  6. this just gave me the idea to revisit the JFK-SLC-DFW-SLC-JFK mileage run again. I was able to find the outbound leg in coach and the return in business class.

    I’m not great at the calculations but that should be about 7,425 MQM (2,970 MQM in coach + 4,455 MQM in business) at $355.


  7. If I get the economy tickets and I’m a platinum member there is no way for me to get upgraded based on status? It looks like you get much better CPM with the basic economy flight.

  8. How do I search for this on kayak? Do I do a multi-city search or is it an Atlanta to DFW search with a stopover? After finding this on kayak I need to call delta and send them this itinerary and they will match it?

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