NATIONWIDE Delta Elite Mileage Run – $195 & 10,000MQMs at 1.95CPM (or less)! – [Offer has expired]

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Folks this is just about the best mileage run you can ever take and guess what – you can do it from home. Look at the numbers:

  • Cost $195 (or less)
  • MQMs 10,000
  • Route – just a few clicks

Clearly I am talking about either the personal or business Delta AMEX Platinum cards that the new card increased bonus ends in a few short hours.

Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express <—LINK

Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express <—LINK

Also keep in mind, as I have shown you, you can get $100 back as a statement credit with either card and thus the first year fee is just net $95 for the 10,000 MQMs driving it under 1 Cent Per Mile or CPM! Folks, unless you have a bump voucher and can fly free, you will NEVER find a run this cheap that you can do from your own home.

Bottom line is time is almost up to take advantage of this and enjoy, not just the 10,000 bonus MQMs, but 60,000 bonus SkyMiles after spend! – René


  1. @Jane – You could get and hold 4 Delta AMEX cards and get the MQMs from them all ie
    Personal Platinum
    Personal Reserve
    Business Platinum
    Business Reserve
    And yes get MQMs from them ALL! 🙂

  2. No. You got me for a moment, but no.

    You need to spend $3000 to get those 10k MQM

    So it’s more like 30cpm, sadly.

  3. @Tom – No, your math is bad. If you visit a Simons Mall or a CVS or wherever and pick up some VDGCs the fee are less than 1% and you get 3000 SkyMiles for the spend so net ZERO cost to you. Way to simple way to pick up 10k MQMs from home. This is the deal of the year!
    PS – The minimum spend to get all the points is just $2000 not $3000 but either way you can reduce the cost to almost net zero. Then again, for many, spending $2000 in 90 days is not all that hard on normal bills!

  4. Thanks for the Link, Rene- 7147 from Diamond and no mileage run needed. Sweet!

  5. Clarifying… I’ve had the Delta Platinum Amex in the past (not currently) and currently have the DL Reserve Amex Business, but now that I’m a DM, I don’t need Sky Club access (included for DMs), so I’m thinking get the Delta Platinum Amex Business (a card I’ve never had). Doing that I’d get the bonus? And phase out the Reserve card because the Platinum still contributes to MQD waiver? Would appreciate the suggestion.

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