Once Again, AMEX SYNC Deals Helping Offset My Hefty Delta AMEX Reserve Card Fee!

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

no no no

No, not this silly offer – the AMEX SYNC one!

No, I have not lost my mind and am suggesting you join ANY wine-of-the-month type club even if they entice you with a bunch of miles for trying them out. I did that once and it was a nightmare to cancel and nothing but frustrations. Oh and I never got the miles btw.

tweet about value of sync deal on 3 july

$450 per year is a lot – but is it really $450?

What I am talking about is ways to help offset the hefty fee that comes along with the Delta AMEX Reserve card I hold year after year. I have outlined this in a post HERE already but I thought it would be good to revisit it after the past week of fun. On the 3rd of July I tweeted the above. Then, on the 4th of July, I was checking my SYNC offers and saw this:

amex sync offer wsjwine

I like $50 back!

Readers of the blog should know I like a glass of wine now and then. Red please. Malbec if you have it. From South America even better. I even enjoy each fall making my own wine. So does WSJwine.com have any deals? They sure did on the 4th as they were offering that day only a $25 off if you spend over $150. But could I do even more starting at my Barclaycard  BANK  Arrival+ shopping portal?

arrival points wine

Portal points? Yes please!

Yep. Now I fully realized that by using a discount code it might disqualify my starting at the shopping portal but it never hurts to try and it worked in this case as neither starting at or using an offer code will in any way impact my AMEX SYNC deal as long as I spend in total at lease $150 to get the $50 off.

wsjwine credit on amex

WoW – That was quick!

The bottom line is I ended up with an amazing net value after all the discounts:

  • $50 from AMEX SYNC
  • $25 from WSJwine code (now expired btw)
  • $14 value of Arrival+ points
  • 170 points for the purchase

When you add it all up I am getting a mix of some very nice and some just OK Malbec’s (15 bottles total) for about $7 each all-in! I do not in advance know just what mix I am getting but at this price point I will be pleased with whatever I get and I am sure a few of them will be quite nice ones.

insert offer code wsjwine

Offer Code was worth the risk to me!

Can you get in on this deal? Check your AMEX cards if the offer is targeted to you (tip – if on more than one card, log in under many browsers and open offer for each card THEN sync each one – one by one). As for the $25 offer code it was only valid on the 4th but I am sure other offers will pop up by October 1st when the AMEX SYNC offer expires.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to get you to take part in the offer but to answer the question in the tweet as to if I feel paying the $450 a year fee for my Delta AMEX Reserve card is worth it year after year. Since I really like getting more upgrades to Delta 1st class you get that it is, but I still don’t want to pay that much unless I can get something MORE back than just the upgrades (and the BOGOF cert – see E22) and by being selective and maximizing SYNC deals –  YES  – I see the value. Do you? – René


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  1. Just saw an AMEX deal of $45 back after purchasing a $45 SAM’s Club membership.

    Unfortunately, the fine print says the membership can only be purchased in person at a SAM’s Club location and it’s only good for new memberships, no renewals.

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