Sunvalleytek TaoTronics PULSE X Wireless Portable Speaker Review & Swag Saturday Giveaway

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Sunvalleytek PULSE X Bluetooth wireless speaker (2)

Sunvalleytek reached out to me this week to ask if I was willing to review their  PULSE X Bluetooth wireless speaker <-LINK  and I said sure will be happy to test it out. So, now that I am done testing, I am giving it away to a reader. But first my thoughts on the unit.

Sunvalleytek PULSE X Bluetooth wireless speaker (1)

First off the packaging is nice and the unit comes well protected. Included in the box is the speaker itself as well as a reasonably long micro-USB power charging cord and a standard headphone cord so that you can, if you don’t want to run it on Bluetooth, plug it in to your phone or other device. The one thing I see missing so often with tech is a wall-to-USB adapter and there is not one included here. Not a deal breaker just something I wish more gadgets would default include. Oh, you also have a tiny manual in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Sunvalleytek PULSE X Bluetooth wireless speaker weight and size

Now on to the physical demensions of the unit. This is not a small device nor is it light at over 1 pound. It is advertised as a “portable” unit and it is, but it will take up a bit of space.

Sunvalleytek PULSE X Bluetooth wireless speaker (3)

If you compare the PULSE X to a smaller unit like the TaoTronics TT-SK05 or my audiosnax in the photo above you can see what I mean. Now the sound quality is clearly not the same as you are looking at 3W vs 14W.

Sunvalleytek PULSE X Bluetooth wireless speaker sound at about 75%

So how much “big” sound does this “little” unit pump out? I turned my phone up to about 75% as above that level there was real distortion. At about 10 feet from the unit I was just under 70db and the quality was very good to my ear. Plenty loud to enjoy the music. The unit also “feels” like a quality design.

The unit has more features like the ability to be used as a Bluetooth speaker for phone calls as well. When using the music player, and you get a call, my phone muted the music and allowed me to use the speaker for the phone call. When I was close to the speaker the call quality was not bad but poor at a distance of 6-10 feet.

So now the real question – would I travel with this unit? On short trips I would say no due to weight and size. However, I find my smaller unit just does not produce enough volume to be impressive when say on a vacation or when I want to watch movies on my laptop and this unit would be perfect for that and especially at this price point range.

Now it’s your turn for a shot at winning this unit. I will use to pick the winner Sunday night the 10th of July. You may enter only once per person any you must live in the USA to enter. You will have one week to respond if you are the winner and if you do not respond via e-mail a runner up will be chosen. Please leave a comment below on the blog and say anything you want.

Have fun! – René

EDIT: We have our winner – no more comments – per and it is #6 – Congrats – I will email you soon!

speaker winner


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  1. Nice review Rene, keep up the good work on the blog. Look forward to seeing you in October at the Chicago Seminars.

  2. Rene- what is your all time favorite SkyClub. Thanks for another cool giveaway.

  3. Always on the lookout for a quality and inexpensive bluetooth speaker…nice review.

  4. Thank you René! I enjoy the blog and appreciate all of the insights and advice.

  5. Hi Rene you are absolutely the BEST blogger ! So informative ! Can’t wait to see you in Chicago! Thank you for everything you do

  6. Please do more reviews. They are great in guiding us to new products for our travels.

  7. There’s a limit to how good a USB powered 1 pound mono speaker can sound. From what you’re saying, seems the Pulse X isn’t too bad compared to some of the competition. Thanks for offering it.

  8. Renee, always look forward to your post. Still not traveling enough to get my upgrades.

  9. I saw the words “Sun Valley”. Wanted to mention that I got 2 “sky pesos” tickets the other day for a January ski trip from SLC to SUN RT for 10,000 miles each. The RT tickets (only an hour flight) would have cost $414 pp. So we’ll be flying NS on Southwest miles from BWI to SLC for a week of skiing in SLC area, followed by several days in Sun Valley. Quite a deal for “sky pesos” after all!

  10. Thanks for your dedication! You are a great source of knowledge for us Delta flyers.

  11. Good to see Saturday Swag back. Love the blog -a must read for road warriors.

  12. Thanks, Rene. This is a good review of a product that I may be purchasing soon!

    Safe travels!

  13. Thanks for your review! I have a small Bluetooth speaker for my iPad now, but it is sounding tinny. Appreciate your review of a possible upgrade!

  14. I meant to post this comment on the Rapid City, SD blog site, but somehow landed on yours!

  15. Sounds like a better product than what I have. Why it’s released to the bathroom for now. Thanks for the review.

  16. Thanks for all you do, Rene. One of these days, I’ll meet you on a mileage run!

  17. Appreciate the review and keeping us up-to-date on the latest Delta antics. 😉

  18. That looks like a great speaker for traveling, might have to look at getting one before my next trip….

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