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delta air lines first class food 3 cheese pasta renespoints blog review

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This is normally not my first choice when being offered. Not that I am actively avoiding it but since FEBO is sorta / kinda / maybe followed by Delta FAs (despite the official policy from Delta) sometimes I cannot avoid getting this option so how about an honest review.

As you can see from the photo above the meal is of decent size and quantify, that is, you will not be hungry when you get done with this meal (but with all the carbs you will be sleepy).

The flavor is not half bad. Personally I would like an even more intense herb flavor in the tomato sauce and I did add some pepper liberally to take it up a notch. Perhaps some kind of side packet with extra could be offered for almost no material food cost, Delta?

red wine upgrade on delta flight renespoints blog

A decent pairing with the pasta

Cheese wise, since it is a 3 cheese pasta after all, was just ok. Again, I would have liked to have had just a touch more cheese flavor. Perhaps, a stronger type of cheese could have been included as one of the three chosen. Then again I like very strong cheeses so I could be somewhat jaded in my palate.

The Cabernet Sauvignon wine included on this flight was a decent one (if not all that expensive). It worked well with the pasta and the salad that was fresh and crisp as it usually is each meal. I can not remember the last time I had a wilted side salad from Delta so kudos to them here.

The bread was warm and my only complaint here is FAs tend to take too long to come back to give you the bread and I had to wait quite a while to get the above shot that is I could have eaten half of my meal before they came by with bread choices.

Most readers know I am really a big fan of Delta food. They tend to do a very good job and I am rarely dissatisfied and the same goes for this meal. While not my first choice it did not disappoint other than as already mentioned it did make me rather sleepy. – René


  1. I’m that guy who goes to the grocery store in the middle of the night to buy frozen french bread pizza and pizza bagels when no one is around to see me. I love a basic/retarded tomato sauce on some kind of bread with some terrible, terrible cheese on it. LOVE. It. And I don’t really have that pedestrian of a palette. Just one of those things… So, this looks great to me lol

  2. RENE!

    Delta is serving a $20 bottle of wine in domestic first class?

    That’s actually quite impressive!

    American and United have for years and years served wines that cost about $10 a bottle retail in domestic first class, even on their premium transcontinental routes!

    What other wine labels have you seen?

  3. @Rene. I’m not sure whether this was not your first choice because the FA did not follow FEBO or whether your complimentary upgrade put you in a seat at the end of the line for choosing. When I choose my FC seat I use FEBO to guide me. And when I get on the plane I go to the head FA and say something like, “Hi, I’m Mr. XXX in 2B, and I hope you are going use FEBO today when taking meal orders because told me that’s the rule so I chose my seats on that basis.” It’s never failed when I do it this way. Before I started this pre-emptive strike, about 25% of the FA’s did not follow FEBO and I was disappointed. Now by putting them on notice, it works like a charm. If it’s a rule, it should be followed.

  4. @Adam – Old news. Blogged it back in May

  5. Got the same email. I called DD to make sure I was on the upgrade list for a mid August flight – #6 on upgrade criteria according to email was date/time upgrade was requested. Both companion and I were listed. The new news I heard was Delta is throwing the switch on companion upgrades sometime in August.

    Back to topic at hand – sorta – nothing better than a NY style pizza.

  6. I actually recently purchased that same wine. I found it to be slightly disappointing, but I’m not complaining if I get it onboard. At least it’s drinkable, unlike the swill that UA and AA serve.

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